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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

【Sneak Peek】 Kuroshitsuji II - Ciel X Alois

Finally got my Ciel Uniform version done ~~ Thank god here we have Yuu's house to shoot. Venue for this photoshoot was the main thing that couldn't be decided earlier on. Kuroshitsuji is based on Victorian time britain type of buildings, which we actually have plenty of them in Penang here that cannot be used!! It's a pity somehow, since most of them are either private properties or they are located in the town ( which obviously with lots of passer-by and crowds =3=). One of the street (we known as 'Bank Street' here) is so much suitable for the shoot but! with crowds = =+. Kind of wish that Penang could be at least a little less people and maybe with more open-minded people that would have positive attitude towards cosplay, which might make our life more easier (no offense by the way). 

Back to the photoshoot, huge gratitude to Yuu for letting us take the photos in her house. We had almost taken shoots from top to bottom And Yuu's loving mum, for the delicious Melaka's chicken rice ball! I love it alot, it really taste like those we have in Melaka~ (drooling .....)

Another shoot together with Molly's Dana-sama~ Thanks again for out photogs Mazaki Lee for those wonderful pictures there and for the newbie photogs here, Kazuki actually done a great job! Kinda love the atmosphere of the photos taken by Kazuki. Thanks alot! Of course to out saikang Fuyu to actually come with us.  

One of the best I like alot here by  Yuu. Although I think this fail as Ciel in this pic, I still love this =3=

Ciel Phamtomhive @ Maro
photo thx Kaien Yuu

Now, one behind the scene:

"Good morning, Young Master, today's breakfast is poached salmon and mint salad....."

Ciel Phantomhive @ Maro
Sebastian's Hand @ Fuyu's hand
photo thx Kaien Yuu
Backgroud thx Molly Eberwein

This is when I was actually changing after the shoot, Fuyu suddenly pop up with this idea. On spot we get the white gloves and black jacket and then tadaa! on this photo! and because of the messy bed and background (sorry >3<) we got ourselves a background ---> Molly aka most beautiful Ms.Background, so love you all to crazy with me  =3= Scene one of Kuroshitsuji anime =3= its a pity I am not doing this version seriously, Inosebbywithme !!!!!!!!  

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