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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

【Sneak Peek】Natsume Yuujinchou - Madara (Nyanko sensei =3=)

Finally here I got my Madara done =3=

Madara @ Maro
photo thx Shng Sam

      Madara @ Maro
Natsume Takashi @ Kaien Yuu
photo thx Kizuna Aem
edit thx Yuu & Kizuna =3=

I woke up 5 in the morning and rush to the airport that morning before the shoot. When I actually reached Penang at 8.15am, its raining.................... I was like "WTF! can you not rain when i wanna take shoot?!". Although it stop like 2 hours after that, and we do manage to get at least a few snaps, then it start to rain again. =3= What't more epic here is that, Botanic Garden is famous for monkeys, and one of them just stole my makeup remover... in front of us OTL. Although its almost empty, still, makeup remover is not edible. So hope that that burglar don't get stomachache T^T. 

This is actually the first time I work with this photog. He do deserved compliment XD, got quite a few nice photos~. Have to credit to Kizuna also, really appreciated her help here~.
I am starting to get busy these few days =3=. Have to rush for AFA, my journals club, my labwork, kinda feel like time is just not sufficient at all!!!! I think I am getting older..... that's why starting to feel like time is always passing too fast.... 


  1. i've been did you make the ears? (or where did you buy them?) I've been looking everyyywheerreee for white ears T.T and i'm planning to cosplay as madara for fanimecon this year! :D

  2. Sorry for replying late. Actually you can get this from website like (china online webshop) . For mine, I cut triangle shape from white fur cloth ( can get this online or any artcraft shops)and glued triangle pink felt at the back. Fold the trangle half and sew them together. I glued some white fur at the inner part to cover to sew line. Hope this helps ^^

  3. forgot to mention, I sew a black hairclip at the back as well, to make it easy to stick the ears on the wig. good luck