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About me

This is Me, when I was small. 
I would imagine all kinds of people that I would become.
 Hobbies that I had since then was so much that none of them I actually made my favourite that lasted till now.  

When I went on to school, I was in between the Art and Science. 
I never find these two genres to be too much of difference. 
But somehow the society make them an east and a west. 

I became close to science as I know very well that it is something that I have to build relation with. And Art, had taken place of all that’s left after sciences.  

Eventually, till now, Science is my main concern and focus, even when I met up with Cosplay. 
People find me contradicting since I was told that I am good in making costumes, in creating all these cosplay stuff, and having great sense of artist sensation, why not pursuing Art as a career instead?

I would say " Art is passion, Cosplay is life, but what makes me proud of myself is the scientific knowledge that I gain through years of studies." 
I am not born intelligent, I earn intelligence, with sweat and sorrow.

I think I did done a good job in maintaining my both Art and Science personality.
If I can keep up with both, why do I have to choose either?

I will going to graduate soon after 2 years working with this HeLa beauty. 
She made me suffered quite a lot. 
Capricious, Lusting, Uncooperative, 
but eventually we did reach to an agreement,
 though still with some of her monkey business.