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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

【COS】Ciel x Alois in Wonderland

Starring : Alois @ Molly Eberwein
              Ciel   @ Maro (me)

Photo thx Lee Mazaki (main) and Kaien Yuu (co)
Special thx Satose and Fuyu 
Edit thx Molly [>////////<]


=3= we look so moe in this pic

Ciel x Alois in wonderland -END-

First of all, I would like to thank Mazaki for taking the shoot for us, despite he actually have a flight that day >3<. Although its kind of rush and I was even late (sorry QAQ), we still manage to get such nice pic ~ Of course to our great helpers Satose "Monroe", and Fuyu, its great that both of them can come. Not to forget beloved Yuu >3<, taking so much trouble to wake up early in the morning. And also Molly, the edit color is just so nice!!!!!!!

I was actually in a very dizzy condition that day since ... I slept for less then 3 hours the night before. XD I think its a kind of OCD = =, to rush costumes or props so last minute the day before and torturing myself with lots of caffeine. Coffee seems to become more and more ineffective to me these days. Well, reasons that I sleep late the day before would be that I just couldnt resist myself for making all those signboards and clock the last minute = =. I start with the love STOP sign and eventually just couldn't help myself to make one after another until I finish up all the cardboards I have in my room. Then ended up sleeping 3am in that morning and have to wake up 5.30am to do makeup =3=. I do believe there are some lunatics like me that love this kind of torturing and excitement and all those adrenaline due to last minute rushing works (<---molly ). Just reminds me of my college time, before every assignment due date and exams. =3= Don't you agree that its just fantastic to do things last minute?

One Omake pic for the day.

Alois: Woo-- what's this place? looks fun!
Ciel: ...... not going in.
Alois : Come on! Sebastian and Claude might be in there (exciting)
Ciel: (looking at those signboards) .... NO! (turn away)
Alois: Let's go ! (drag Ciel in)
Ciel : NO!!!!!! Let go! NO!!!!

Then happily ever after in Wonderland.............................................

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