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Saturday, 11 October 2014

【COS】 Princess Merida -- Disney BRAVE

I realized that I didn't put up my Merida's cosplay yet though its been almost 2 years since I had done the shooting. Merida is one of least kind of princesses, in contrast with the traditional seeking for prince charming and thinking of happily ever after type of princess, Merida is quite a tough girl, with courage and bravery comparable to men. I love her courage but though like all the other teenagers, Merida is also a rebellious one. I am glad that Alex invited me for this shoot and everything turns to be great. 

I was surprise that the tutorial I made on the bow and archery sets got a 6k+ of blog views!!! Thanks to everyone that enjoy the tutorial and I am glad that it helps all cosplayer out there that is looking for a simple way to make a bow. Please do leave a comment or feel free to ask if there is any doubt. I'll reply as soon as I see the messages~~ 

Here is the photos that I managed to get from Alex. His photography and editing skill is really great! I love this sets of photos very much~~ 

(I love this photo the most!! and I believe you do as well~~)

Princess Merida (BRAVE) @ Maro CH
photo thx A.R.C. Photography
special thx Asyraf  

Though not really much, but most of them looks good and I am satisfy with it~ Do hope there is a chance to work with Alex again in the future ~ 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

【COS】 Love Live Mermaid - Sonoda Umi

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH
Kousaka Honoka @ Nightmare
Minami Kotori @ Kaienyuu

photo thx Fuyu
Edit thx Kaienyuu

Love Live! Mermaid Card series, one of the most spontaneous cosplay I had done recently. It was like 2 weeks just before Mini CF that Yuu decided to get this done on that weekend when I travel up to Penang for Mini CF. Everything was just so sudden, we managed to get all the things needed, the sewing, the crafting and the accessories and background props shells (ehem ehem from my Mum's collection) and also the most important ---- photographer!! A very good timing that our dear Fuyu had came back from Singapore to attend the event as well~~~ 

This is the first time I had been working together with Nightmare! Talking about spontaneous, Nightmare actually join our plan just two days before the shooting day because we would like to have the main 3 girls in the picture and we were lacking one at that time. Like I say everything is spontaneous =w= /////// It was when we were doing the last minute shopping for the shooting and decided to get Honoka's stuff ready and within two days, and grab Night for shoot (no rejection allows! XDDD). 

It was a great thing that everything turn out to be perfect in the end, thanks to the great weather on that Sunday morning with perfect sunlight and the beautiful toilet with XL size bathtub in Yuu's house. We managed to stuff 3 of us with our legs stretching out~~~~ 

Talking about Umi, she is the love at first sight character from LoveLive anime. I wasn't into Love Live until recently Yuu tries to get a team and I am part of it. For the sake of the group, I started watching the animes, and Umi just hit my heart and I knew I am so dead---in a pool of Umi's plan!!!!! I definitely will have tons of Umi in the future/////// 

Sonoda Umi - Mermaid SR355 @ Maro CH

photo thx Fuyu

Friday, 11 July 2014

【Event】20140705-06~CosfestXIII- The Final Fantasy

This year Cosfest XIII - The Final Fantasy was the last cosfest held at downtown east in Pasir Ris, Singapore. This is my first time attending Cosfest however.I planned to attend last year's event but just could not make it because of financial constrain >n</. Thus this year, me and Yuu decide that we should really go, especially this is for Min and Akane's birthday celebration. The event however wasn't as big as I had imagine. Still I enjoy the event alot~ Manage to see Reika also and get a selfie with her ~~~

The most fun part of the event is to able to meet up a lot of friends~~ especially those that is working in sg. Fuyu, Min and Akane~~ And also got to know new friends, Ahbu's friends from Perth~~ Pretty and Lovely and little crazy bishoujo~~ 

I am cosing as Chisaki from Nagi no Asukara together with Derek as my Tsumugu~~ we had the photoshoot a day earlier with one of my favourite photog, Ahbutography~. Was so happy that she agreed to take this series for us. I have always love her photos ♥ The arrangement and settings of her photos always fill with strong feelings~ Will post out the full set soon once its ready!

For Day 2, as i have to leave earlier, I didn't manage to meet a lot of people. Just a few selfies with whoever i can get. I was doing Serah Farron from FFXIII together with Yuu as my Lightning. Was glad that I manage to rush it out last minute. I'll still need somemore modification on the size to perfect it. 

Overall it is a fun experience, and I manage to get something from the doujin booth there.. like ehm ehm Eruri doujin artbook ehm ehm///i still can't get over eruri// favourite pair of all time ♥♥♥ /cries rainbow on Clover's artwork. Oh, and also Reika's postcard~n its Joker!! She make the best joker I had ever agreed with~ 

Still hope that next year they are stillnholding cosfest and maybe I will attend again! So look forward for the next event in Sg, AFA'14. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Totally nagging of my recent situation

Oh gosh and finally I realized that I had abandoned this blog like for five months! I hardly see any hardworking cosplayer blogging nowadays, and I seems starting to slack off as well, which is definitely a bad things. It wasn't really my fancy to write things, I used to write blog only when I am emotionally down and feel that I need some place to release the tension. When I am starting to grow up, assuming that my hormones imbalance issue during puberty is going away, there isn't too much of concerns in my life (other than that interview which I was like regretful for 2 weeks time). I opened up a blog for my cosplay progression as following what my favourite cosplayer of all time kolirin is doing. Recently, however, I haven't seen her blogging anymore and seems to stop cosplaying .. QAQ very sad news indeed. Still, I will try to manage, get some time to continue blogging, as a way to ensure I practise more on my language and maybe one day able to completed what has been left behind. ^^

Here's some update of my recent activities. I finally graduated from USM, convo is on 26th of April. Starting to find job like 6 months ago and finally got a few interviews in past two months. Rejected my favourite work due to the pay not up to my expectation (which I was cursing myself for more than 2 weeks after that), turn down an interview half way through because I don't like the nature of the job, got in second interview of another lab-based job but didn't make it because I did not performed well ( sincerely I don't like bossy people and the interviewer is VERY VERY bossy), lastly accepted a sales job which I have only slight idea of the product. I wasn't sure whether my decision is wrong, but it is definitely not the right one. I am not good at talking, and in my opinion, a successful sales person is required to come up with conversation and ensured that the customers is totally convince of the benefit of the product. One of my most difficult weakness, the lack of PR skills. It wasn't how I imagine starting to work would be like as I had been rotting for like 6 months at home without proper income (kindergarten teacher don't count) and I was not even the slightliest looking forward for my first job. I had been pondered since the very bossy interviewer asking about the passion question (though I find his answer to be god damn hypocritic, sincerely "I would like to contribute my knowledge to the society" is never the right answer of "Why do you want to pursue this career?" or "What is your passion in your job?" or blah blah blah question that relates to whatever that is compatible with THAT answer). I could understand the point of him asking these kind of which I described as "weird question", as its important to know the path of the future as not to be regretful (which is another thing that I do not agree with his way of asking the question when the job scope required a patience person to sit in the lab for the whole day and not going to quit soon enough and hence the passion future is not a reliable question for that job because a very passionate and ambitious person would not take up that kind of salary and be bonded for a few years doing the same thing!!!!)  And than I started to think about my first plan of further study and realize the only reason is just for the good of the title that brings to me and my family, rather than the passionate towards the research. I am hesitating since as I am not sure if I should further study anymore. There are too much of people studying for the beauty of the title and this is not how I imagine it to be when I was a child. Now its a different path of either doing it with a passion or following the flow of the society. I sincerely do not wished to settle, but sometimes its not my decision to make. 

.... Oh gosh and this might be the reason of resuming blogging after 5 months of freezing blog... too much nagging =3=

I'll try to manage somehow with the current situation and maybe settle temporary for a year time and move on with my plan after I finally get to be passionate about something such as cloning myself or invent pikachu or found a way to visualize what seems to be impossible at the moment. I am selfish, I supposed and a real scientist is always selfish ( in my opinion ). Fighto! and hope things will go smoothly until I get my first pay to support a seaming machine !!!!