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Friday, 3 February 2017

wedding proposal

Would you marry me in the space station?
707 defender of justice 

Friday, 5 August 2016

【COS】夏色えがおで 1 , 2, Jump! - Sonoda Umi


photo thx Razrig photography

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH

Finally finished editing another set of my Umi cosplay. This costume needs to credit to Fion. Thanks to her, I don't have to do another last minute sewing nightmare again =w=. 

I seldom wear bikini type of swimsuit ( though I had one with me for years) because I don't have confidence with my figure. I don't think I am lean enough to show my belly around to all other people at the beach T3T. Thus, this swimsuit version was like the rarest occasion that could happened on me. It do take a lot of courage to wear it out and try not to be embarassed though. ( I sucked my tummy hard that time XD). The photoshoot did went well, and I am satisfy with this sets of photos. 

Place taken for this photoshoot was at my hometown, Port Dickson, a place famous of its beaches ( about 20 years ago though). We went there early morning about 7am just to make sure the lights weren't too harsh and pray hard there won't be people around in the morning. I was kind of nervous and started to act all crazy jumping here and there and I do remember that I was telling Raz that I hope I have Kotori and Honoka with me so I won't look like some crazy person jumping alone by myself. Can't help it if its a spontaneous shoots that happened like just one week before the date. Its kind of hard to get people to join in in such a short notice. 

There's a few more plans for Umi that still lagging behind. Most of the cloth are ready, just that I need to free some time to make my own cosplay costume. Commissions and school work took up a lot of my time. Sometimes its hard to plan for my own cosplay because of the priorities. I am trying, and do hope that I can clear things up fast. Since I am getting old and sometimes school work is taking more of my time than I anticipated. Planning to slow down in cosplaying myself and want to focus more on commission work and also my school work. But I don't feel like giving up cosplay yet, but probably gonna slow down and put more time thinking about what to do for the future. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

【COS】Lovelive! Umi Sonoda ~ 旗袍 Cheongsam

Love Live! Sonoda Umi Unawakened Cheongsam photo thx Michael Ooi photography 

Love Live! Sonoda Umi Awakened Cheongsam photo thx Razrig photography

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH 

Yippie yeah for Umi from Lovelive~ She is almost like love in first sight when I started to watch Love Live School Idol Music anime. Just for her I started to play love live rhythm game in my phone.  But really really unfortunate I lost my phone last year (TwT) and my love live data left with my phone. I was at 124 level already, almost gain perfection in most expert song (>3<)/////. I was not able to start all over again in my new phone. Starting with beginner team all over again is really really hard. I wasn't able to continue with the new game after about 20 lvl in the game. 

This set of Umi cheongsam were one of the Umi's costume I liked very much. Especially the awakened cheongsam card, this probably marked the start of printed cloth business for love live costume. I didnt get to make both these costume because of the complicated pattern of the costume, instead buying it from taobao. Both sets were taken during chinese new year. The unawakened costume was at Kek Lok Si temple in Penang island while awakened costume was at Thean Hou temple in KL. Both temples were always beautifully decorated during Chinese New Year season, and it makes the temples awesome place to have photoshoot. The only thing is about the crowd during chinese new year holiday with lots of visitors. Michael's hometown is in Penang thus it makes it easier for him to shoot for us in Penang, and as usual his photos were always vibrant with awesome composition. As many times as I had worked with Raz, I am always astonished by his photos and structure of the photos which always makes me looked awesome in it ^3^ ♥.

Just recently I am so in love with the new design , little devil series, and its on my next cos plan list ! I am just so excited and hope to cos her soon. Probably upload a few wip progress for that costume. ♥ 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

【COS】Disney Poor Princess - Ariel- the little mermaid that gave up the tails

Look at this stuff
Isn't it neat?

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl
The girl who has everything? 

I want to be where the people are
I want to see
want to see-'em dancing

Walking around on those
(Whad'ya call'em?) oh! feet

Up where they walk
Up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun 

Wandering free
Wish I could be 

Part of that world

Ariel @ Maro CH
Snow White @ Valkyrie Holic
Belle @ Venus Lannister
Aurora @ Sherry Sheryl

photo thx: Yin Swee Lee


This was a sudden request from Venus to join in as replacement for Ariel who can't make it suddenly. This costume was done in like 2 hours just the day before the photoshoot and it was the most last minute work I had ever done! I love the results though, corset-like top was made of black 2-way elastic Jersey cloth while skirt was a half circle blue uniform cloth. Because I don't have the top color cloth with me, Venus agreed to made it instead and the work was beautifully done ! She has the most neat and beautiful workmanship I had ever met. Do support her work through her facebook page : Costurera Haberdashery 

I appreciate a lot when people request for groups and cosplay with me, even for a last minute kind of work. I usually won't say no if it is within my ability and does not affect my normal shift work. I am glad that I can pulled out this character. Disney princess is like all time favourite characters for most girls (MOST) and its one of my dream cosplay to get a full team of Disney princesses together. Sadly, I always find it to be difficult to form big teams of cosplayers. This photoshoot achieved partially my this big aimed ( I am aiming for full group of princesses in gowns). I do hope that there is a chance to fulfill the big dream cosplay. 

This is the first time I ever with with Lee. He is quite a good and easy-going photographer to work with. There is no worries of out of poses kind of situation when working with Lee. He always has all kinds of ideas and frames that came out just nice and perfect. Another good thing is that he gave a lot of photos in short time. Overall I am really satisfy with this photoshoot with him, I would love to work with him again if there is suitable cosplay that I would like to worked with him for.

This location was an abandoned mansion located somewhere in KL. The building structure looked very much like olden English style with all those beautiful Victorian interior design, and a seem-like ball-room area and balcony that led to the garden and a huge swimming pool at the backyard. I can imagine its glorious past with all those sparkling chandelier and classical musics and never-ending balls and dances in that mansion. Too bad its sold off to new owner now. We can't take unauthorized photoshoot there anymore =3=. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

【COS】 Witches 魔女子

West Witch Majoko @ Akihiko Michaelis
East Witch Hime @Molly Eberwein
North Witch Ruiko@ Maro CH

photo thx Lee Mazaki

This was taken 2 years ago, the last shoot I had Molly and Tsu when I was leaving Penang after finishing my studies there. We had plan for Zone-00 shoot for quite a long time, but never get to do any of them, until this when I can finally get everyone to do with me just before I left the place. It has really been a while since I had such a good time cosing with people I like to work with very much. After I moved back to KL, it is quite hard to get a group of people that work as smoothly as them here.

Zone-00 was quite a popular manga back then when it first came out and a lot of nice cosplay were done that time. Most of the character are very attractive, while Ruiko among all are my favourite. This version is one of the illustration that was highly appealing. We did have a Sara, the North witch when doing the planning, but she was not able to make it that day. It was a pity, but I still had fun that day. It was the longest photoshoot I had among all the cosplay photoshoot so far. 6 hours in total and I wasnt feeling very well that day, sinus suddenly went wild and decided that I should sneeze the whole day. It was terrible but I managed to make it through without messing up my makeups. \\^v^//

I was thinking of posting the tutorial for that Japan ghost mask intially. Somehow I lost the progress pictures when my phone had problem and didn't managed to post it up. Basically its made with paper clay and some cardboards, its not difficult. If any of you would like to get the tutorial please just leave a message, I can give simple tutorial of it, if this can help. 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

【COS】 Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Haru Yoshida @ Shiori 
Shizuku Mizutani @ Maro CH

photo thx Mazaki Lee

This was a series I had done with Shiori and Mazaki three years back when I was still in Penang. I thought the whole file was lost after some incidence, however I did able to find it in my harddisk. Thus, I decided to finish up the editing part for this series. It was fun back then to do some interactive photoshoot. It was one of the most anticipated shoujo anime series, together with Sukitte Ii Na Yo, create a debate among all shoujo manga lover about who is the most attractive hero in that season of anime. My choice is Haru of course. I always have a thing for stupidly smart guy, or pervert insane bishies such as Hisoka //////. As there was a few version of the uniforms, we end up choosing this compare to the more popular school uniform or pink cardigan version. I like how Shizuku's attitude on studying and facing issues. The manga had completed as well, and it well ended. Highly recommended for all shoujo manga lover. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

【COS】 Prologue: Who do we love? - Twelve Night

Nabi @ Min 
Dan-Ah @ Maro CH (me)
photo and edit thx Ahbutography

Min FB page:
Ahbutography page:
"Twelve night" was one of the love story I liked most in recent year. It's a love story among the King of that era, Nabi (which is the hero/heroine *cough* ) and the real heroine Dan-Ah. A tragic but beautiful love story. It seems like a BL love story at first *mytypeofstory*cough*, but when the story progress, it filled with all sorts of sweet and sorrows, I started to feel empathy towards Nabi and King . 

When I saw Min posted a picture of Nabi, I immediately pm her to ask for the cos plan. Though Dan-Ah is not my favourite character, it is the one that suit me the most in this story. Besides, her costumes are the most beautiful among all of them /////// After planning for about half a year and here it it. I had always love a story-based cosplay shoot and thanks to Ahbu as always, and with Min creativity, we had the storyboard and the story is done. There will be more story coming soon for this series. 

Since last year when I started my higher degree study, time had been limited. I had really slow down in cosplans and focused only on those that I liked the most. More recently, I had worked more in taking up commission for costume making and probably is going more to tailoring then cosplaying in future as well. This year is the 6th year that I take up cosplay as a hobby and probably its time that I start to slow down. But I do hope that I will still retain the habit of blogging which would be hard as well due to the abundant workload I have for my study, but I will try =D. 

Its 2016, new year new resolution. I haven't thought much of what to achieve in this year as been busy since two months ago to prepare for the big day, "candidature confirmation' for my study today. I am happy because my hard work did pay off and it was appreciated by the panels and supervisors. It is a huge relieve to me and also a motivation for me to continue on my project. I do hope that things will be more and more better in the future and also probably a better time management to handle both my studies and my cosplay hobby.