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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

【COS】Comic Fiesta 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011 had passed for almost 2 weeks time, and now only I have to time to clear things up. This year CF was held in KL Convention Center Hall 4 and 5. Driving down from Penang certainly was a torture. The journey back after CF Day 2 was certainly killing. Thanks Yuu for accompanying and finding all kinds of topics to make sure that I am awake and makes holes to let me jump (grudge = =+) during the whole journey. Also to Fuyu to stay awake for almost the whole journey as well. Without both of you I might sleep dead in the middle of somewhere............ 

 It was a pleasure somehow to meet alot of people there personally in CF >//////<.
Thanks CK Takoyaki

Dear Huko... you are just too adorable
Finally got to meet you Xiao Lynn

And you too Key... no ffk for DMBJ
Thanks for the ticket Wy Sim
Finally meet you Mikki!!! You are so TALL!!!
I just so love your Barnaby>////< Sakurai
Photos credited to the photogs.... I apologize for not jotting down.... I just grab from FB.... Please PM me if you notice that the pic taken by you..... XDDD I met a lot of other people too... Please PM me the photos too so I can upload it here =3= thanks~~

Day 1 was doing Hijirikawa Masato from Uta no Prince-Sama 1000% LOVE for the stage version. Having a group was certainly fun ( I dragged my brother down for Natsuki =3=). I so love him ~~~

Hijirikawa Masato @ Maro
Shinomiya Natsuki @ Keith
Act cute together with Fuyu~~ 

Certainly, my MinMin took leave and come all the way down from SG for the event. Its a pleasure to be able to play together again T^T. I am so so so sorry I couldn't accompany you during the whole event. Thanks too to Ms Sweet Potato to attend the event together and take photos for us. Glad that you could come. And Alex........ inoseeuonDAY2 (grudge +) - Cousemate Reunion END -

Me and MinMin
Day 1 overall was fun, although I missed out Mikuni Shimokawa's concert (grudge + growing mushroom), meet alot of people, took a lot of nice photos, have a small coursemate reunion, had dinner with all dearest friends. and brought my little sister together for the event and make sure she is going OTAKU in the future and queuing up for more than 30mins to get into HALL 5 (grudge + growing mushroom /grrrrr) ...............................................................................................................................STOP mushrooming for the photos awhile. 

Thanks Alex and  Raz for the photos!! They are all awesome !!!!!!

                   Hijirikawa Masato @ Maro
                               Jinguji Ren @ Kaien Yuu
                      Ichinose Tokiya @ Molly Eberwein
                              Ittoki Otoya @ Fuyu
                  Shinomiya Natsuki @ Keith 
                            Kurusu Shou @ Akihiko Michaelis
=3= I love Yuu Ren

Day 2 was Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama. It should be a group of 15 people, sadly Mingli was not able to come T^T. Sorry guys that I was not with all of you all the time... we should take more pictures next time. Thanks to Mingli too for the Elizabeth !! I love it =3=

Our best Mascot ---- Elizabeth @ Mikam
Kagura @ Yen Peng

Our Gintoki =3= @ Douglas
Hate you for being so tall...... potong kaki (grudge +)

Camwhoring with Molly =3=
Will upload Day2 photos more if I get it from somewhere... or somebody.... or nobody..=3=

My overall stash from CF. Left part were those I bought, right were gift~ Thanks molly for the photo, venus for the book and book mark, Mingli for Elizabeth, Alex and Usagi for the Gintama outing photos ( again LOVE IT ALOT!!!!!) and all the cos cards~~~

Some comments on the events:
Well, overall feedback on the management was extremely bad, people queuing up for hours just to ENTER Hall 4 ( NOT THE MAIN HALL YET), those without ticket have to queue some more to get the ticket (STILL NOT YET MAIN HALL) and then queue again to enter HALL 5 (FINALLY!!!). Its not saying that queue is bad practice, but for hours is just a bit too much isnt it? I don't think there should be any restriction for people to get in and out of hall, and make such a huge fuss just because of the dunnowat rules of your notsoglamour management, why make people's life difficult? I bought the ticket so earlier and was so excited about Mikuni Shimogawa's concert and there I was locked out of the main hall. Please just admit that your management was not well and apologize to all participants of the event.

Heard tha Anime Festival going to be held in KLCC again.. I hesitate to go as there was trauma from CF.... Unless the management is going to make improvement on their attitude and managing the event more wisely. We ought not to be treated like this, you have NO RIGHTS!

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