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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Natsume Fever

3rd Season of <Natsume Yuujinchou> finally reach the end. It's kind of sad as its a great story. However, there's news that season 4 coming out next year January which is a great thing as I do hope that it will end so fast.

For those that have no idea of this anime, I'll brief abit here on the plot and characters. Please to grab a bit of this and I am sure you'll get addicted somehow ^^

Plot of Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Takashi is a highschool boy with strong ability to see spirited creatures (ayakashimono or youkai) that most people were not able to see. He was being isolated by friends and relatives due to this and was push around among his relatives after the death of his parents, until he met the current family Fujiwara, which he's living with now. Although shift to a new town, he was still chase and disturbed by alot of youkai. One day, he get his grandmother, Natsume Reiko's relic, and found a book with alot of weird scribbles in it. He met Madara, which is normally in maneki neko (beckoning cat) form, Nyanko sensei and know the meaning of those scribbles and the power behind it. Then he decides to return the names to all the youkai and pledges Madara as his bodyguard and.. then the story begins which changes his mind on youkai, his life and his bonding between people and youkai. It's a story of friendship and trust and to me..... bromance >///////<

There's total 3 season until now, 4th coming out next year January~~
each contained 13episodes.

    A sneak peek on season 3 epi13. Nyan this is so bromance~~~ I am so exaggerated now@@

I like most of the youkai in the story and this the most favourite character of all! Madara-sama >3< 

Humanized Madara-sama
 I drew this humanized madara this morning using my mouse <---- definitely killing T^T
I'll get wacom and drawing board someday!!

I personally favored humanized non-human characters alot. If I am able to, I'll like to try cosplay all the youkai character in this story.. XD if you are wondering why not the main character.... I would say... I prefer inhuman stuff ~~~

Another series of humanized characters I'll probably do might be Pokemon series which is damn cool!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

【COS】Vocaloid Matryoshka Complete

Vocaloid Matryoshka 
Music: Hachi

Gumi @Molly Eberwein
Gakupo @ Kaien Yuu
Luka @ Yuu Aet
Len @ Maro (Me)
Rin @ Melo Ery
Meiko @ Sora Koruzaki
Kaito @ Rin Snape

Photo thx Lee Mazaki, Kizuna Aem
Special thx Akihiko Michaelis


考え过ぎのメッセージ, 谁に届くかも知らないで
头痛が歌うパッケージ, いつまで経っても针は四时
谁も教えてくれないで, 世界は逆さに回り出す
ああ、割れそうだ, 记忆も全部投げ出して
ああ、知りたいな, 深くまで/更深更深
てんで幼稚な手を叩こう, わざと狂った调子でほら
きっと私はどうでもいい, 世界の温度が溶けていく
酔い溃せ 歌い出せ
 もっといっぱい舞って顶戴, カリンカ?マリンカ?弦を弾いて
感度良好 524
チュ チュ...   

Behind the Scene

Its been one month +... almost two... that we had complete taking the photos.. I would so like to apologize for doing this so slow.. XD people's bz everyday, but we'll always get time out for stuff that we love the most~

This is the first group shot I had ever had and I do think that group shoot is damn cool!!! 
There's always incidence that tends to happen somehow, but we manage to get over it and its quite successful somehow and I am very happy about it. The only thing that's kind of a pity would be we lack of a Miku T^T. If you are curious why lyrics in between, I would say to make it not so dull... If there's any real connection of the lyrics to the pic below or above.. that's up to you to interpret. To me, yes and no XD, so do enjoy~ 

About this song Matryoshka, I would say.. its very addictive! I somehow could not get the melody out of my mind the first time I heard of it. Before I had a clear understanding of the lyrics, I do think that its a crazy song with joyful and circusized element in it. Somehow, I only realized that its kind of a sad unrequited love story and its not a HE in the end after I get the whole meaning of the lyrics. Well, people interpreted this songs differently and maybe there's someone that agrees and might not agrees with me. But to me, its kind of a crazy song from a crazy person that couldn't get back the feelings that had been poured out. (P/S: This comment is pointing only to the songs itself and has nothing to do with the author, any fictional story or anything else. Pure comment to the song only!)

I would like to thank again to our crew, Photogs Lee Mazaki for the wonderful pictures and Kizuna for helping out so suddenly since I didnt really know that one photog is not enough.. <---newbie without exp.................... And of course our most beautiful Saikang Ms Akihiko~~ It's not possible for this shoot if without you~~ 

Now's the complete crew photos~

And I would like to say that: I so love the craziness of you guys~~~~

Now one spoof done by me <When We Are Not Ready>

I know we do look abit ugly here.. but i so love it.. XD (  ehem.. I am not putting this big.. so dun worry)

Monday, 19 September 2011

No.6 The Best!!!!

It's been 3 months since I actually pursue. There's sadness, happiness, relieved and also dismay. Time pass-by  too swiftly, things change in a glimpse of eye, and what left here at last would be the memory that kept in our heart that will stay here forever in within. Story between you, will never vanish from my heart. The kiss that promise the future will last within till the end of the day, and I hope your happiness will be there.

I pray for your happiness, Shion and Nezumi, be happy always~


There will be no problem, if its you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!!!!

Just beg a photo from photographer Lee Mazaki~~~

Sailor Neptune from Sailormoon Super S

   Sailor Neptune @ Maro Ch (its me~~)
photo thx Lee Mazaki

I am so in love with this "big head" kind of photos. The eyes will look so "bling bling" and often shape the face sharp. 

One of the most fortunate of unforunate things during the preparation for this cos would be the delay arrival of my parcel containing the Neptune wig, shoes and gloves. It's kind of fortunate in the sense that when I got the parcel finally yesterday I was so shock that the shoe color was so difference *0*. Luckily it arrive late, its better to go berserk after the shooting rather then before that since my backup shoe looks so much nicer than this pairs. Unfortunately, the backup shoe R.I.P. just right after the shoot... (T^T I so love that, I paint it for hours just to make the color right). 

One thing to be mention here would be "The most handy props for cosplay", which is.......... Tadaa
~~~My Deep Aqua Mirror~~

Its really handy to have a mirror on the hand during shooting or cosplaying since its so nice to be able to check on the look everytime when needed >v<!! So love this prop~~~ Now its on my table beside my laptop ready for me to use whenever I needed~ so handy~~~~

Hope to get the full photos soon, since with different photogs, its hard to collect them altogether. T^T god bless me~

Monday, 5 September 2011

First date with Blogspot

Enlighten by a lot of friends around me, I decide to start 'again' blogging~~ This is the forth or fifth blog that I actually created and do really hope that I will continue writing this until forever, not ending up like all those that I left behind. ( ;A; sorry... my dear bloggies...)

The most things that will be posted here will be on my Cosplay~~

I had admitted myself to ACG world for more than 10 years. Which one of the series that inspire me the most would be Sailormoon~~

Sailormoon could said to be one of those childhood hero of every single girl around my age. Its like the most popular idol that time among all the girls (and some boys too, my little brother one of the fan). Unlike kids today, they fancy on K pop and J pop artist instead . I was like =口= when my little sister looking at those K pop bishounen photos and said she wanna be their girlfriend.... 
During my childhood time, I dreamt only to Henshin into sailors = =.. huge cultural difference between 10 years of gap.

I personally fancy Neo Queen Serenity the most, after I saw this portrait of her.

*hearted eyes* I still so love her every time I sees this~~~~

However, to be honest, I was only manage to finish the until R series at that time. Sticking myself onto NTV7 waiting for every episode, refuse to go for tuition or piano classes as do not willing to lose any of the episode. It's one of the memorable days during my childhood, together with all of the sailors, their bravery, their bonds, and their stories. 
Only until a few months ago, I was able to recapture the agitations to henshin again. I began to study the character I chose--- Sailor Neptune (reason that I gave that time is because I never try green hair before...= = sorry Neptune T^T I do love you now!!!), and reinforce my memory of series through the manga.  It's quite a nuisance that I was not able to get the full anime series of the series, only able to watch through youtube shouting " Neptune Planet Power, Make Up" .

Its quite a dream come true somehow and it's great that its possible to achieve something that seems to be impossible during that childhood time. Although I am not able to do the favourite character of mine (T^T Serenity I love you =3=), it still feels great to be able to do this character, which now I was so in love with the wig~~~~~

The outing photoshoot that was really fun and I have learnt a lot from all the cosplayers, photographers and all the helpers. Specially thanks to Venus for organizing the event, especially when the group is as huge as this, there's always emergency, incidence that tends to happen, but Venus manage to handle it and its a huge success. None of this could be possible without her help. I'll keep my words with me for a while until I get all the pictures I have to post it here. ^.^
A preview picture of Sailormoon Final Battle

Sailor Pluto @ Ayumi Goh                    
                                                         Sailor Neptune @ Maro Ch ( which is me ^0^)
        Sailor Uranus @ Cappy Phreakyfish            
                                                            Sailor Saturn @ Molly Eberwein              

photo thx Thomas Kuan aka Black Rabbit