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Thursday, 30 August 2012

【COS】Kuroko No Basuke - If World : Gathering after work

It was kind of rare for everyone to meet up after starting off the working life. Nothing was as expected as they were in highschool time. It was a surprise to the basketball community when none of the members of "Generation of Miracles" actually become professional basketball players but pursue on their own career differently. 

Aomine became a police officer thinking that "Only I can be stronger than I am", intended to solve all robbery cases; Midorima was recommended for admission to overseas to study on medic, somehow there were rumors that he was not doing well with the patients for some horoscope incompatibility; Kise became the youngest pilot which he seemed to have some scandal issues with the air-hostessess; Murasakibara was quite a famous patissier in some well-known hotel, but somehow the dessert served in the dining hall was not as much as the raw materials used; Akashi on the other hand was quite famous in Shogi community as the deadly player, his declaration on his last interview "Anyone who wins against me, even parents, will have to die" causes such a panic to the world. 

Oh, almost forgotten, Kuroko became a kindergarten teacher, well, he got quite a lot of complains from the headmaster that parents complaining their kids having too mature and dark thoughts, somehow he did not know why.... 

Hence, it was very rare that all of them are able to gather again, and somehow Akashi makes sure that everyone did attend. 

Kiseki no minna: I know that we are awesome , mind to give the menu first instead of staring?
Waitress: ................... (actually.... we don't allow outside items.. here)

Aomine: ..... (hmm.. its should at least be a D-cup) *looking at the leaving waitress
Midorima: ....( Cancer isn't in the best mode today.. I should be careful...)
Kise: .... (why is he looking at woman again.... look at me look at me look at me)
Kuroko: .... (Kise-san... you are flaming..... )
Akashi: Stop eating...
Murasakibara: nom nom nom.....

Minna: Itadakimasu!

Midorima: ...(garlic..bad breath)* pick out

Kuroko: ...(cheese~~) *Shiawase face

Aomine: Only I can eat faster than I !

Kise: .... (look at me look at me look at me...)

Akashi: Stop eating junk food.....

Murasakibara: nom nom nom nom....

Akashi: Now, give me that...
Murasakibara: *bite*

Aomine: .... (that's definitely E...) 
Midorima: ...( I should leave soon, I had a bad feeling)
Kise: ..(phew.. nothings better than a nice cup of liquor )
Kuroko: ....(never taste this before.... hmm)
Akashi: ... (nice liqour)
Murasakibara: ... (should taste good with liquor...)

Aomine: Wahahahahahah!!!!!! ONLY I CAN BE DRUNKER THAN I AM!!!!!!!!!

The rest:... For real? Its only the second cup.......

Aomine: ...... you are... hiccup... arrested... hiccup.. for wearing...hiccup... specs... hiccup...
Midorima: ....... = =|||||||
Kise: ... hiccup.... you are drunk.. hiccup... Aomicchi... 
Kuroko:....... hiccup..... *blur
Akashi: ..... Daiki...  you are embarrassing
Murasakibara: nom nom nom.....

Aomine: Only I....hiccup.... Only.... I......... hiccup

Kise: ... Aomicchi.... hiccup.. why don't you.. hiccup... look at me... hiccup
Aomine:... hiccup.. look??? .. come!!! hiccup.... let's hiccup... sca..... 

Kuroko: ....zzzzz...

Midorima:.... hiccup....... (I knew it.... definitely...... because I forgot lucky item.... )

Kise: ... hiccup... na... Kurokochi.. Aomichi... don't want to play with me.... 
Kuroko: ....zzzzzz....

Murasakibara: .... hiccup... Special Atsushi mix!!!!

Akashi: Whoever drunker than me must die!!!!!!

Aomine: ..... only.... I.....hiccup.....zzzzzz.....
Kise: .... na.. Midorichi... hiccup... come play with me.. hiccup....
Midorima: ..... hiccup.... wahahaha!!! Hiccup!! let's handcuff play!!!! HICCUP....
Kuroko:... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
Murasakibara: ... Akashi... its dangerous to hold scissors when drunk..... 

Kise:.... Aomicchi... hiccup... come play... hiccup .. with me... *unbuttoning...*
Midorima: .....zzzzzzzz...hiccup...... I..... knew..... it....
Kuroko:...... its... heavy....dizzy......zzz.........
Akashi: .... (Atsushi still adorable when drunk....)
Murasakibara:... (...  no more.. food....) *looking at wrapping papers of the last chocolate bar

Murasakibara:.. nom nom nom......
Others:.... cant drink anymore............hiccup...

Aomine @ Katsuki Wind
Midorima @ CK Takoyaki
Kuroko @ Alma Woo
Kise @ Kaien Yuu
Akashi @ Molly Eberwein
Murasakibara @ Maro Ch

photo thx Michelle Neoh ( photography)
edit thx Molly Eberwein 
special thx restaurant's owner for the awesome place!!

I would say WOW! this was the fastest completed full set that I had posted!! All have to thanks to our awesome photo editor Molly, for helping to sort out the sets and edit in such a fast pace!! 

Since Kuroko no Basuke was such a fuse recently due to the animation release, there are like thousands of new cosplay for this series. It was not in my initial plan at all to do this as its a basketball theme. I am not confident with my fat arms and girlish face to do such manly characters. Somehow, this "If world" version, when firstly mentioned by Molly, was quite in my interest ^(+++)^. Its about the Generation of Miracles and Kagami's career when they grow up. (Yes, there is a Kagami version -- a fire fighter...). Since we were not able to find someone for Kagami, we might as well just make it as for Generation of Miracles.

Murasakibara was my favourite among all 6 of them, my type of guy =/////=. Sadly, I still think I am too girlish for Mura-chi though =3=. 

The short story and captions here just pop out of my mind when I was arranging the photos. Some might not fits too well though =3=. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

【Event】18082012 Anicom 3rd week

Well, this was my first time attending Anicom (though its one of the historic cosplay event in Malaysia), held in 6th floor of Sungai Wang, in KL. The event was surprisingly small than what I was expecting. I decided to go home for the whole Raya week holiday, and since we have Kuroko's plan with Molly and others from KL, Yuu and Molly came down with me to KL on that Friday.

It was god damn early when I reached KL that morning, most shopping malls were not opened yet, hence I sat in TS Starbucks for an hour plus to had a cup of Caramel Machiatto. Glad that it was opened early morning ! I went to get some cloths for Momoi for AMG the next week in TS and yes I did get everything I need in a considerably cheap price ^^. The event started only at about 3pm, I try to do as much shopping as I could as it was like ages back since I last shopped in TS. Woman's closet are always less of a piece no matter how it is filled. :)

I was doing Mary from the RPG game Ib, together with Kappy Ng as Ib and also Kaien Yuu as Gary. I'll do a review of the game and maybe a simple walkthrough in the future. This was the kind of game I was so into ^^ creepily horror..and its art gallery!!!! Although I did not choose art as the path to go, it was always my fancy dream to achieve.. Someday maybe ( not a good way of deciding things....)

I met quite a lot of old faces and also some new faces, was happy that I could worked with Kappy for Ib, for the first time ^^.

Camwhoring with YanZi~

I like this alot ^^ one of the least full body pic I got.
Thanks to Jun Kit and the photog ^^

photo by Bren ^^ our awesomeness

Little bits of my crappy mind here: Mary's dress was quite a torture though... Initially, I underestimated the shoulder lenght, was quite in a panic, but later, did came out to be quite ok. The later part on the sleeves, was such torment... I redraw the pattern for 4 to 5 times.. and just couldnt get it right.. they called this leg o' mutton sleeves.... I decided to use the simplest way ... and somehow.. it didnt came to be as puff as I was expected... hmm... well... wasn't sure if I want to redo the sleeves..

We went for a simple shoot with Alex near that floor (A.R.C. photography: ) for this series. Not the proper one yet, but still got awesome photos from him~ ^^

Gary @ Kaien Yuu

Ib @ Kappy Ng

Let's play together, Ib! ^^

Mary @ Maro Ch
Ib @ Kappy Ng
Still waiting to get all of them from Alex. ^^ More coming in the future.

As planning earlier with Molly, we want to do the "If World" when Kiseki no Seidai go out to work in the future. So the theme was like having a gathering after work kind of thing. Well.. although there is a version for Kagami as well.. but we couldn't get Kagami... that's why..... assume he passed away in the fire..... ( I still love Kagami .. T^T)

One sneak peek .

Aomine Police @ Katsuki Wing
Murasakibara Pastry Chef @ Maro Ch
Akashi Shogi player @ Molly Eberwein
Kuroko Kindergarten Teacher @ Alma Woo
Kise Pilot @ Kaien Yuu
Midorima Surgeon @ CK Takoyaki

photo thx Michelle Neoh ( photography)

Stay tune for more~~~~

Monday, 6 August 2012

【COS】Prologue: Beautiful Insanity ~~ Alice: Madness Returns

I was trap... 


"What have you done?"

..... in my past

"Alice.......Now, focus. Where are you?"

"Come now, Alice, its just a dream."

Doctor's voice.....It's disturbing me...


Who's there?



My wonderland's shattered...



...Is it mad to pray for a better hallucination?..

"Alice..... "

"What have you done.....?"

" It's time to put your blade to work.."


Alice Liddell @ Maro Ch

photo thx Sam
special thx Molly Eberwein & Kaien Yuu

Finally, after 3 months of dragging, I had finished up Alice.. Well, it didn't went as what I had planned initially though. There are still a few shots that was not suitable to be included in here, might post it in DA instead.

Basically, I was thinking of doing the gloomy hazy edits like the first few photos. It went wild later on, when I started doing Alice in the red jungle edits, with Molly's advise "make the leaves all red" and it happened. I was struggling in between the two color tones, to be reddish or greenish.. and in the end this is the results--- a mixture of both, which definitely a product of desperation. I had been piling up all the other photoshoots which I had no idea why am I having the stubborn persistent of getting Alice done before I start doing others... I tried to mix both together.. although still awkward, but at least its the christmas perfect match, still looks good right? (*trying to hypnotize myself away from the dilenma*)

Back to Alice. Previously, I was very keen of American Mcgee's Alice, the earlier version of the Alice game. Hence, I was very excited when the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns came out, get into addiction for a few weeks, and lost connection with it again after school started. I wasn't yet through with the whole game, left it after Chapter One ended, was yet to resume the game until I get a new PC that could support it. I was very fond of the background settings of the game,  19th century's London city, the same background as Sherlock Holmes. My impression for London at that time is hazy, gloomy, greyish city, painted with mysteries that lied under the norms. And obviously, the londonair Alice is in my cosplan *v*. I do believe that every girls that read, will once thought of becoming Alice. It was one of my to-be-dream character, either our dear disney Alice or any Alices out there. This Alice however, strikes my preference the most. Insanity is always hidden under the conscious of all people, a reflection of the reality stresses that was beyond the threshold. Its good to be insane sometimes, as it maintains sanity's balance, stopping things from going too wild.

I wasn't planning anything much when I start doing this shoot. It was randomly arranged, with whatever that we could think of ( thanks to Molly and Yuu for saikang-ing for me). Later on, I was struggling in giving out just random pose of Alice, hence I tried to fit captions for it. I picked out a few lines from all the game teasers and trailers. Well, although not to much as what I imagined it to be, at least it still makes sense..... perhaps... To clear out some confusion, the captions were in Alice perspective.