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Saturday, 11 October 2014

【COS】 Princess Merida -- Disney BRAVE

I realized that I didn't put up my Merida's cosplay yet though its been almost 2 years since I had done the shooting. Merida is one of least kind of princesses, in contrast with the traditional seeking for prince charming and thinking of happily ever after type of princess, Merida is quite a tough girl, with courage and bravery comparable to men. I love her courage but though like all the other teenagers, Merida is also a rebellious one. I am glad that Alex invited me for this shoot and everything turns to be great. 

I was surprise that the tutorial I made on the bow and archery sets got a 6k+ of blog views!!! Thanks to everyone that enjoy the tutorial and I am glad that it helps all cosplayer out there that is looking for a simple way to make a bow. Please do leave a comment or feel free to ask if there is any doubt. I'll reply as soon as I see the messages~~ 

Here is the photos that I managed to get from Alex. His photography and editing skill is really great! I love this sets of photos very much~~ 

(I love this photo the most!! and I believe you do as well~~)

Princess Merida (BRAVE) @ Maro CH
photo thx A.R.C. Photography
special thx Asyraf  

Though not really much, but most of them looks good and I am satisfy with it~ Do hope there is a chance to work with Alex again in the future ~ 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

【COS】 Love Live Mermaid - Sonoda Umi

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH
Kousaka Honoka @ Nightmare
Minami Kotori @ Kaienyuu

photo thx Fuyu
Edit thx Kaienyuu

Love Live! Mermaid Card series, one of the most spontaneous cosplay I had done recently. It was like 2 weeks just before Mini CF that Yuu decided to get this done on that weekend when I travel up to Penang for Mini CF. Everything was just so sudden, we managed to get all the things needed, the sewing, the crafting and the accessories and background props shells (ehem ehem from my Mum's collection) and also the most important ---- photographer!! A very good timing that our dear Fuyu had came back from Singapore to attend the event as well~~~ 

This is the first time I had been working together with Nightmare! Talking about spontaneous, Nightmare actually join our plan just two days before the shooting day because we would like to have the main 3 girls in the picture and we were lacking one at that time. Like I say everything is spontaneous =w= /////// It was when we were doing the last minute shopping for the shooting and decided to get Honoka's stuff ready and within two days, and grab Night for shoot (no rejection allows! XDDD). 

It was a great thing that everything turn out to be perfect in the end, thanks to the great weather on that Sunday morning with perfect sunlight and the beautiful toilet with XL size bathtub in Yuu's house. We managed to stuff 3 of us with our legs stretching out~~~~ 

Talking about Umi, she is the love at first sight character from LoveLive anime. I wasn't into Love Live until recently Yuu tries to get a team and I am part of it. For the sake of the group, I started watching the animes, and Umi just hit my heart and I knew I am so dead---in a pool of Umi's plan!!!!! I definitely will have tons of Umi in the future/////// 

Sonoda Umi - Mermaid SR355 @ Maro CH

photo thx Fuyu