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Thursday, 3 November 2011

【COS】Togainu No Chi - Akira

Togainu No Chi-True Blood, one of the most popular R-18 PC game by Nitro + Chiral. Akira is the main protagonist of the story and there's several storyline that leads Akira to CP with different characters. To me, Akira is destined to be with Shiki!!! >/////< 

It's been one month since I took these pictures.... and Finally !!!! I finish editing T^T (flowering~~~) I really like these series of photos and the lighting is just so awesome!!!! Since we have alot of people here, we actually take turns to take the picture and XD I got 3 photogs for this series. Well I am quite satisfy somehow with the pictures~ Enjoy~

>////////< Nyan~~~ I  LOVE THIS!!

Thanks Fuyu for taking these wonderful couple pics~~~~~

Akira @ Maro
        Shiki @ Kaien Yuu


Another that I love alot >/////< BLOOD!!!!

Photo credit to Kaien Yuu~~~ Thanks Yuu~~~ >3<


photo credit to Mazaki Lee XD~~~~ They are really great~~~~~

I actually highlighted myself as a "Fujoshi" or translated as rotted as I am proactivist of Boy's love >////<. In N+C's game series, I prefer Togainu no Chi alot XD Although Lamento is quite great~ still XD togainu the best~

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