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Monday, 31 October 2011

【Sneak Peek】Kuroshitsuji II OVA - Ciel In Wonderland

Kuroshitsuji is one of my favourite manga. Its animated in the year of 2008 which I still prefer the manga alot then anime since the storyline was a bit different between them. Of course, as one of the protagonist, Sebastian Michaelis is one of the hottest, or the hottest of the hottest guy I am so in love with >////3///<. (just expressing my fangirl joy~~)

Now, back to this OVA of the second season, as I do mentioned before, Alice in Wonderland is my favourite story,and I love every version of work that derived from this storyline. Ciel in Wonderland is kind of weird somehow. Since OVA1 is the first part of the story then only continue onward on OVA4, when I was watching the first part I couldnt get the point of the story. Still, I fell in love with Alice Ciel immediately!! It was suppose to be the first character I want to do when I start my cosplay career =3=. Due to some this and that reasons, it was delayed until now, and I have my Alois with me ~~~~~(flowering) I was so happy about this, and thanks Molly alot for CP with me~~ Muacks >3<~~
One sneak peek of the short skit for these series~

Looking the the watch he picked up, its too familiar to be mistaken. 

"...... Sebastian? ..." Ciel was puzzled. 

Alice Ciel @ Maro
photo thx Kaien Yuu
special thx Fuyu


Stay tune for the whole skit in my next or next next or next next blog~~

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