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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

【Tutorial】Your very own Barnaby's Bunny Plushie

It's been a year since the birth of my Kotetsu's Tiger Plushie ... and finally I finished up with Bunny just recently....... (i know i am slow...) This is just a simple process of the birth of Bunny ( I didn't manage to capture for Tiger...). This is how it actually looks like , 1m in height and... probably around 30-35cm width. 

Recapture back, Kotetsu decided to present Barnaby with a pink bunny plushie ( From Tiger & Bunny Anime), which is like what I make it here. 

Anime picture
   1024x630 with 
  tiger & bunny
  barnaby brooks jr
  blue eyes
  blonde hair
  stuffed animal
  stuffed rabbit
art by O*MIX (from pixiv) =///////////=
Well... later on I actually found out that the whiskers and lips of Bunny is in a very thin line.... hence... if you prefer to be more original like  this, just use thread to sew on instead of felt. 

(i) Turquoise color Felt (just a little bit for the eyes and whiskers and lips will do)
(ii) Black color Felt ( a little bit for the eyes)
(iii) Rose pink color Flannel (i think it suit best for plushie.. else, felt or any other kind of cloth will do) 1m x 1m
(iv) needles and different color threads
(v) A lot of cotton to stuff in


Body of Bunny First of all, draw the shape of bunny like how it is as below. My cloth is 1.5m x 1m, hence I fixed bunny's height as 1m. 

Later on sketch another allowance around 1-2cm around the bunny shape.  

Cut out the bunny shape according to the outer line. You will need two pieces of this, the front and back. A small tips here is to pin both layers of the cloth together before cutting, this could make sure that the two pieces of bunny shape will be identical/less error happens.

Leave it aside for the moment and proceed for the eyes and whiskers and lips.

Eyes of Bunny made up of 2 black circles and turquoise circles.
I used a 50cent RM coins as base around 27mm diameter) for the blue Iris. 
For the black color part, I used the blue iris as base to draw another circle (around 2-3mm larger).
Sew both circle together as shown below. I drew with white threads so its actually visible, but please use a turquoise thread for better effect.

For whiskers, 6 x rectangle around 35mm x 5mm ( still depends on own preference). Sew with only turquoise thread will be more original. 

Position them accordingly on the front of a layer of the bunny shape, pin to hold it. Flannel should have a front (the furry side) and back (the rough side) surface, don't mix them up.  

Sew on the eyes as follow, using black thread. Same to the whiskers and lips. 

Basically it looks like this after sew on.

Flip the cloth over (make sure that both layers of front surface facing in), pin both the bunny shape together and sew them, making a bunny pouch. Remember to leave at least a fist width of hole to insert cotton. Flip the bunny inside out from the hole, and stuff in cotton. Not necessary to be very firm, since it might not feel comfortable to hug with hard plushie.

Seal up the hole and there you have it, your very own Barnaby's bunny doll~~

Basically the method to make the tiger plushie is the same. Since there is no reference of tiger, design it as you like. I prefer Kotetsu's beard, hence I make the shape like that. While for the tail, its two pieces of long rod shape of, each with extra brown felt sew on to make it looks like stripes before putting both together.

Finally they are happily ever after together... just that tiger had been waiting for so long.. till he got some holes from my beloved Zizi ( my pet rabbit... lol.... affair....) at his leg there.... QAQ.


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