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Friday, 7 September 2012

【Event】25082012 Animangaki2012 Day1 ONLY + AomineXMomoi Kuroko No Basuke

Well, its been another 2 weeks after the event, (it always was) when I write the review for the event.... busy hell always. Animangaki is an annual event held by Sunway University Anime club, while 2012 is the 4th year of the event. Check out their website for more information. 

This is the first year I attended the event, with a very nice event hall, in Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. Basically I was quite satisfy with the location. I can't do much review for the event though, as I didn't get the chance to go into the event hall :(. 

I was doing Momoi from Kuroko no Basuke that day, a casual version from the ending of the anime. Sincerely thanks a lot to Sara from Singapore for the invitation to do Momoi, was very surprised and happy for that. I think he made a very nice Aomine =////////=.  

Thanks to Alex ( A.R.C. photography) for the photos. 

Casual Momoi from the ED
So, now... why didn't I got the chance to enter the event hall... even with the ticket purchased..( yes, I bought the ticket without having to use it at all.. still stay nicely in my purse.. = =) Basically, I only have the time to visit AMG for Day 1, hence there would not have sufficient time.I went together with dear Aomine for a short camwhoring session.

Aomine and Momoi was set as childhood friend, they knew each other like forever.... I presumed. I personally like both of them a lot, taking out the bromance issue here. ( Yes, Aomine X Kise is my favourite pairing~~). To me, Momoi portraits to be like a big sister to the troubling little brother, I am not sure about the who being older, btu Momoi is the "big sister" type of girl to me. Affection of Momoi towards Aomine, well, I supposed not the labu labu type, but more to a siblings love. Well not sure how the author is going with the plot, hopefully remained the sports theme and not diverting somewhere else....
Met a few friends back then, with Yanzhi. Kuroko was just so awesome =////////=.

With Sora... and.. you'd really become slimmer and slimmer each time I met you.

Dear Yuu hubby =3= No worries, although not many people that recognize this character but you are still awesome.

 Dear Lea.... I am so so so sorry for what happened. T3T

To CryMiao, nice to see you back then.. sorry that I couldn't recognize you in the first place. =3=

Dear Frey, was glad to see you again. Just love your dress alot =////=

Well and others, sadly I don't have full access to my brother's phone. Mine sucks at camwhoring, though SIII wasn't that great as well...

Later on, was glad to had well lunch (or hightea?) together with the mates. Try to snap some shoots for Aomine and Momoi as well. All thanks to Michelle (Mi.N photography). I personally like how she framed the photos very much. It brings out the FU of the scenery very well. 

We try to put out something like having small date of Aomine and Momoi hanging out together in shopping mall. I would say Sara is a very lovely and funny guy, was very glad to have to chance to work with him. We just hang around the shopping mall, take random shoot of hanging out together and lastly a game of basketball shooting. Here is a definitely being Omake thing... 
Since I don't want to play for the second round ... this is what it happens at the back of Aomine when he was concentrating on the basketball shoot. 

Now here's something serious. Well, I like how Michelle trying to edit, with the fuwa fuwa feel. This is credited to Fritz as well for helping to edit (well, I am not sure which part) as well. It's just awesome~

Aomine Daiki @ Sara
Momoi Satsuki @ Maro Ch

photo thx Michelle (Mi.N photography)
edit thx Michelle and Fritz ^^

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