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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

【COS】Goldeen Gijinka




Pokemon Goldeen Gijinka @ Maro Ch

photo thx Razrig photography 
special thx my little sister for saikanging 

Goldeen is always my all time favourite water pokemon, sweet and elegant. I planned it for quite sometime, to do it either underwater or near the beach and finally got the chance to do it during last Raya holidays, thanks to Raz for able to make it. Well, it was a surprise to find out that Raz and I had the same hometown and since it was such nice arrangement that we were both back hometown during the holidays. 

Gladly that it was a fine day that early morning, though we finished up in an hour time since the water level started to rise. It had been quite sometime since I last soaked myself in the sea, kind of missing that ^^. Apparently, soaking in seawater with wigs on is definitely not a wise act, I was so dizzy after that = =.. Raz did commented that this looks more like a concept shoot rather than pokemon .......= =" (yunowatchpokemon.....).. or a unicorn... TAT(NUUUU!!!!!)

Well basically I was kinda agree with that... I need a TRAINER!!!!!MISTY!!!!! WHERE ARE THOU??????!!!! =3=

Initially I was thinking of doing  this ↓ version of goldeen. I can't find the author for this, but the whole series of pokemon gijinka by this artist was very awesome. 

Though I did said that, my image of Goldeen however is more towards  ↓  this version of Goldeen instead. 

I was so in dilenma a few days before the shooting in between these two version... and finally I gave up to the latter.. I modified a white dress that was in my closet for ages (yes, brand new), painted with orange fabric dye, it was fun to dye gradient:

* soaked white cloth in pale watery orange, later paint the darker part of the gradient with thick orange dye and slowly spread out the middle. Dried them, either airdry or with blower. Lastly dap spots of dark orange for the Goldeen's spots.

For the horn,
*I painted a plastic cover with white acrylic, cut out a quarter pie shape, roll the pie shape into a cone (painted side inwards), and stick together with cellophone tape. The plastic gave a natural smooth surface, hence, ya it do looks quite good. Lastly, cut a small cut at bottom of the corn, enough for a hairclip to be inserted.

Well, sincerely thanks again to Raz (Razrig photography) for making this happen, I loved the pictures very much~ And also my little sister (I doubt she will see this....) for helping out with the reflectors and so on. Lastly, I would love a sunset shoot in the beach again, ngek ngek~~~

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