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Thursday, 18 October 2012

【Event】13102012-141020122 - 2 Studio Cosplay Event + Molly's Graduation day

Its been a year since the last 2 studio Graduation Exhibition. It was Molly's turn this time, was happy for her that she finally going to graduate~~ 2 Studio Academy although was known to me only when I met Molly, the standard of the student's artwork were quite fascinating though. Especially this year, there were a few booth that caught my attention, one with DRRR! boxes designed and another with mostly Acrylic work.

Like last year, the cosplay event was hosted by LGCC, with some ACG merchandise booth and Cosplay competition. I was not there for most of the time, hence would not review anything about that.

It was a pleasure somehow to be able to attend Molly's graduation exhibition, despite I was not able to stay late until her graduation ceremony (,,゚Д゚). Still, congraz to Molly for her graduation.

I was doing Kuroko's Teiko school uniform version on the Sat. Well, don't mention anything about not going to do KuroBasu thing.... its like the 3rd plan this year.. OTL.... It was never in my plan to do Kuroko. Well, I was kind of pissed on my own not so firm personality when I was unsure of what characters to do... Molly just forcingly eagerly inviting me to do Kuroko's Teiko's version with her since she wanted to do Akashi badly. The whole costume belongs to Yuu though, I just get my pants and shoes ready. Still thanks to Yuu for that. I was extremely unsatisfy somehow, it didnt came out to my own expectation =3=.( I had a very fat face which i realized after Kuroko ). Should make sure to myself not to drop into any of the holes without well-preparations and sudden dragging = = I don't like my Kuroko, looked super serious when trying to look emotionless.

Kuroko Tetsuya @ Maro Ch
Akashi Seijiro @ Molly Eberwein

photo thx Sam

Lol... what can I say... OTL... Kuroko I still love you ....

Basically I still think my camwhoring looks better, with Pusheen here to lighten me up =3=
Ya, this Pusheen Plushie belongs to YR though, a goddamn OMG price, but very adorable, and fluffy and so nice to hug =/////////= (max shiawase mode).

This is the so excited look when me and Yuu saw Pusheen , Nyan~~(o゚ω゚o) Yuu commented we look so inhuman in this pic =w= but i still like it ~~

Kuroko fierce emotionless face and bun face =3=... with my fat face....

Well, the day somehow ended quite peacefully. We had our dinner at James Foo's Restaurant. Nice food with a very good price for western food. I had my Pork Cordon Bleu and Herbal tea. Tasted nice but still not as best as Chicken Cordon Bleu which Yuu had. Recommended place to have nice and economic western food.

Day 2 of the event was not much of excitement. Initially planned to do Lelouch, but was not in that confidence, ended up not cosplay on that day. Still the final round of the competition was held on the 2nd day. We later ended up watching Taken 2 in 1st Avenue. It was not as awesome as the prequel though =3=, but still considered nice movie.

We had out lunch at Shunka (旬香), 8th floor (the same floor as TGV cinema) . I liked the shop very much, very japan-ish ~ They were doing special lunch value set for weekdays and weekends. The food, well, quite ok, just normal, but quite a good pricing.

Lesson learn: Never ever agree to plan that is not meant to be planned ... OTL

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