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Saturday, 8 October 2011

【Trip】Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

Reading is one of the habits that I have had since I was small, about 6 years old when my mum sent me to english tuition classes instead of kindergarten. The memory in that class was somehow scary (>o<) as my teacher was very fierce to us for what I remembered. However, when I actually flashback for a moment there, I would say, we deserved to be scolded. XD 

One of the things I remembered the most is the spelling classes on the word "dress". I was asked to spell dress which I ended up giving "drass" instead. My teacher keep on repeating the phoenix of 'd' 'r' and 'ess' which I was not able to understand why we should be pronouncing 'ass' as 'ess'. I was punished to write 100 lines of 'dress' after that. One of the old memories that stuck with me till now. XD I am thankful to her however, as she is the inspiration that makes me interested in readings and I always loved her Chapatti and brownies she treated us after classes. 

Back to Big Bad Wolf Book Sales, this year held in MAEPS. I would say its an event that all book lovers is compulsory to attend >/////<. There's all range of books with a very good price.

My personal genre would be around fictions to mangas. However, for manga, its hard to get complete series.I manage to find Saiyuki (the first series) total in 8 books in complete >///0///<. Saiyuki Reload although available but is not complete and Gunlock is not there at all.. T^T I am still happy somehow as Saiyuki's one of the favourites series I loved alot. Lament to the Lamb is another series that i longing for, and able to get it here thrilled me alot >3<. Also get myself ://Hack, fallen moon (bromance...>///<.) and Angel Dust. Aoi Nanase's drawing fancy me alot.

Fiction I got here would be Skulduggerry series.. except for the 1st book ( I just cant find it..QAQ). I read  Christopher Paolini's Eragon before and do hope that Brisingr is as good as that. Jeffrey Archer,one of the best story teller >3<. Cecilia Ahem's P/S I Love You made me cried at the beginning until the end, so I'll try this new work of hers. Mitch Albom, I do believe that anyone that actually start a page of his story will instantly fall in love with his work ^3^. Get some classics too, like Lewis Caroll, Alice in the Wonderland (for a moment there... although I knew the story for top to bottom,I never actually read the book....= =), Dracula( I forgot who's the author.....).  Down the Rabbit Hole struck me when I it comes to Alice's story ( personal I huge fan of Alice in Wonderland## I love all kinds of version***). Last would be a story from the world of Golden Compass. Golden Compass is a story beyond my imagination and if there's a chance, I'll get whole 3 books of that series *0*.

Went to The Pantry after massive blood loss... T^T... I kind of enjoy this kind of shop which I think its really suitable for photoshoot*** Looks very very very lovely especially with those bird cage** Aw<<<<< 

Food is consider nice, and price is affordable. There's promotion on weekdays which the pasta is on buy 1 free 1 offers *0*. I forgot the name of the soup... but its ok. Taste like "luo song" soup from Wong Kok..
From all the pastas.. Bolognese still taste the best..

Soup.. which I forgot about the name...
My Cabonara Fettucine
Salmon Angel Hair
Chicken Bolognese
Seafood Calamari

Again... I would say... THIS IS SO SUITABLE FOR PHOTOSHOOT >/////////////////<

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