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Sunday, 2 October 2011

01/021011 Two Studio Graduation Exhibition Event

, I was immersed in a thrilling condition past two days for the cosplay event in two studio graduation exhibition. It  can be considered as the first cosplay related event that was held in Penang mainland area. Two studio is a multimedia academy located in Bukit Mertajam and this event is actually the graduation exhibition for the artwork of their students. It's great that they manage to include cosplay event into this and one of the reason would be our Molly as a student there to make this happen.

A little comment on the Artwork exhibition:
I am not an art student myself. But as a layman here, I would say that the quality of the artwork deserved appreciation. A wide range of designs unique and creative which portrait out the character of each students well. Since each student is given a booth wall, hence it gives them an imaginative space to work with. I personally like Molly's *bling bling* wall alot XD. It's a well done for the show.

Day1 is quite deserted somehow. Cosplayer on site that day was lesser than expected and it seems that the organizer was not able to attend somehow. We were still able to enjoy ourselves somehow, although its hard to take good photos under that kind of condition. We tried our best :)

Natsume Yuujinchou
Madara @ Maro(me)
Natsume Takashi @ Kaien Yuu (my lengzai seme)

One of the rare nice photos taken. The lighting that day is dull which is hard to get nice photos. We manage to get one or two somehow =3=. For own inspection, I would say, my Madara is so Uke!!! T^T I'll revised on the makeup again to make it Seme! (Seme than Natsume!!!)

Two Studio Graduation Show Day1 Cosplayers
As I mentioned above, cosplayers on Day 1 is really less and its abit deserted somehow. We still manage to get some photos and so on. 

Behind the scene with Molly Eberwein ( as Shiki *school ver.*)

Me Camwhoring XD
Day 2 of the event is much merrier as there's cosplay competition that day. Overall seems to be fine, and quiet successful. I was photoshooting somewhere else outside the shopping mall, didnt actually stay at the stage until the end. But still congratulation to all the winners of the competition. We tried to make cosplay career in Malaysia more and more successful through experience.

Some sneak peak of Day2 photosay.

Togainu No Chi
Akira @ Maro (me)
Shiki @ Kaien Yuu
Again me Camwhoring XD

Get molest by my Shiki ( for some reason I look so willingly)

My Ototo Akito~~~ 
Kuroshitsuji II OVA 
Ciel Phantomhive @ Fuyu (小冬)

That's all for now. I'll get the complete set out once I get the photos from photogs~~

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