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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

【Sneak Peek】Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Fanart- Cheerful39 by Manbou no Ane

Vocaloid series although is not a anime series or manga, it is still the most wanted cosplay characters. Especially Hatsune Miku, for some reasons Miku seems to be the most popular characters that fancy people the most. Miku Fever started to boom out during these few months especially when Diva Project came out. Although I am not a huge Miku fan but I still like some of the versions. "World is mine" is one of the most, since I loved the song so much~~ =^^= Another Miku that strikes me would be this design "Cheerful39" by Manbou no Ane. I was so in love at first sight with her and it overwhelm against World is mine and I decide to do this instead... >//<

I personally prefer to sew costume myself than sending for tailor as it fits me the most and I can modify according to my own preferences. BUT!!! this time i would say this is TORTURING!!! TAT .. the ruff skirt almost killed me!!! I spent the whole day and night before the shoot to modify and refine the skirt ... in the end.. it still not stiffen enough to the extent of a platter tutu... OTL I had tried my best T^T

For the theme for this shoot "Hatsune Miku All Star Photoshooting"

                             The Sandplay of Singing Dragon Miku @ Quist Chan Yu Yuin       
               Butterfly Miku@ Igloomy Mink 
            Saihate Miku@ Sumire Lee
Tricolor Air Line Miku @ Kizuna Aem
                      Yellow Miku @ Akihiko Michaelis
     Cheerful39 Miku @ Maro (me)

photo thx Lee Mazaki

Cheerful39 by Manbou no Ane 

About the design, short kimono with element of ballet tutu fancy me alot~ the ranging color of red is very inspiring and comfortable =3= The design credited to Manbou no Ane =3= love this so much~


  1. Maro, where did u order your lens? miku's lens in cheerful 39 ver.

    1. Hi aiko, this is actually Bubble Lens from dollyeye. The red color in the pupils I edited them. ^^ For Bubble lens u can order them online or in Facebook, there are quite alot of people selling this lens. Hope this helps. ^^

    2. ^^ thank for your help. i'm planning to cos this ver. and have some problem in lens and shoes... ^^ nice to meet you. great jobs you are

    3. Glad that it helps. Thanks for the compliment. I am not very satisfy with the work though, since the ruff skirt did not stiffen as what it should be. I might try to perfect it again soon ^^