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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Natsume Fever

3rd Season of <Natsume Yuujinchou> finally reach the end. It's kind of sad as its a great story. However, there's news that season 4 coming out next year January which is a great thing as I do hope that it will end so fast.

For those that have no idea of this anime, I'll brief abit here on the plot and characters. Please to grab a bit of this and I am sure you'll get addicted somehow ^^

Plot of Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Takashi is a highschool boy with strong ability to see spirited creatures (ayakashimono or youkai) that most people were not able to see. He was being isolated by friends and relatives due to this and was push around among his relatives after the death of his parents, until he met the current family Fujiwara, which he's living with now. Although shift to a new town, he was still chase and disturbed by alot of youkai. One day, he get his grandmother, Natsume Reiko's relic, and found a book with alot of weird scribbles in it. He met Madara, which is normally in maneki neko (beckoning cat) form, Nyanko sensei and know the meaning of those scribbles and the power behind it. Then he decides to return the names to all the youkai and pledges Madara as his bodyguard and.. then the story begins which changes his mind on youkai, his life and his bonding between people and youkai. It's a story of friendship and trust and to me..... bromance >///////<

There's total 3 season until now, 4th coming out next year January~~
each contained 13episodes.

    A sneak peek on season 3 epi13. Nyan this is so bromance~~~ I am so exaggerated now@@

I like most of the youkai in the story and this the most favourite character of all! Madara-sama >3< 

Humanized Madara-sama
 I drew this humanized madara this morning using my mouse <---- definitely killing T^T
I'll get wacom and drawing board someday!!

I personally favored humanized non-human characters alot. If I am able to, I'll like to try cosplay all the youkai character in this story.. XD if you are wondering why not the main character.... I would say... I prefer inhuman stuff ~~~

Another series of humanized characters I'll probably do might be Pokemon series which is damn cool!!

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