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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

【COS】Lovelive! Umi Sonoda ~ 旗袍 Cheongsam

Love Live! Sonoda Umi Unawakened Cheongsam photo thx Michael Ooi photography 

Love Live! Sonoda Umi Awakened Cheongsam photo thx Razrig photography

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH 

Yippie yeah for Umi from Lovelive~ She is almost like love in first sight when I started to watch Love Live School Idol Music anime. Just for her I started to play love live rhythm game in my phone.  But really really unfortunate I lost my phone last year (TwT) and my love live data left with my phone. I was at 124 level already, almost gain perfection in most expert song (>3<)/////. I was not able to start all over again in my new phone. Starting with beginner team all over again is really really hard. I wasn't able to continue with the new game after about 20 lvl in the game. 

This set of Umi cheongsam were one of the Umi's costume I liked very much. Especially the awakened cheongsam card, this probably marked the start of printed cloth business for love live costume. I didnt get to make both these costume because of the complicated pattern of the costume, instead buying it from taobao. Both sets were taken during chinese new year. The unawakened costume was at Kek Lok Si temple in Penang island while awakened costume was at Thean Hou temple in KL. Both temples were always beautifully decorated during Chinese New Year season, and it makes the temples awesome place to have photoshoot. The only thing is about the crowd during chinese new year holiday with lots of visitors. Michael's hometown is in Penang thus it makes it easier for him to shoot for us in Penang, and as usual his photos were always vibrant with awesome composition. As many times as I had worked with Raz, I am always astonished by his photos and structure of the photos which always makes me looked awesome in it ^3^ ♥.

Just recently I am so in love with the new design , little devil series, and its on my next cos plan list ! I am just so excited and hope to cos her soon. Probably upload a few wip progress for that costume. ♥ 

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