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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

【COS】 Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Haru Yoshida @ Shiori 
Shizuku Mizutani @ Maro CH

photo thx Mazaki Lee

This was a series I had done with Shiori and Mazaki three years back when I was still in Penang. I thought the whole file was lost after some incidence, however I did able to find it in my harddisk. Thus, I decided to finish up the editing part for this series. It was fun back then to do some interactive photoshoot. It was one of the most anticipated shoujo anime series, together with Sukitte Ii Na Yo, create a debate among all shoujo manga lover about who is the most attractive hero in that season of anime. My choice is Haru of course. I always have a thing for stupidly smart guy, or pervert insane bishies such as Hisoka //////. As there was a few version of the uniforms, we end up choosing this compare to the more popular school uniform or pink cardigan version. I like how Shizuku's attitude on studying and facing issues. The manga had completed as well, and it well ended. Highly recommended for all shoujo manga lover. 

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