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Friday, 8 January 2016

【COS】 Prologue: Who do we love? - Twelve Night

Nabi @ Min 
Dan-Ah @ Maro CH (me)
photo and edit thx Ahbutography

Min FB page:
Ahbutography page:
"Twelve night" was one of the love story I liked most in recent year. It's a love story among the King of that era, Nabi (which is the hero/heroine *cough* ) and the real heroine Dan-Ah. A tragic but beautiful love story. It seems like a BL love story at first *mytypeofstory*cough*, but when the story progress, it filled with all sorts of sweet and sorrows, I started to feel empathy towards Nabi and King . 

When I saw Min posted a picture of Nabi, I immediately pm her to ask for the cos plan. Though Dan-Ah is not my favourite character, it is the one that suit me the most in this story. Besides, her costumes are the most beautiful among all of them /////// After planning for about half a year and here it it. I had always love a story-based cosplay shoot and thanks to Ahbu as always, and with Min creativity, we had the storyboard and the story is done. There will be more story coming soon for this series. 

Since last year when I started my higher degree study, time had been limited. I had really slow down in cosplans and focused only on those that I liked the most. More recently, I had worked more in taking up commission for costume making and probably is going more to tailoring then cosplaying in future as well. This year is the 6th year that I take up cosplay as a hobby and probably its time that I start to slow down. But I do hope that I will still retain the habit of blogging which would be hard as well due to the abundant workload I have for my study, but I will try =D. 

Its 2016, new year new resolution. I haven't thought much of what to achieve in this year as been busy since two months ago to prepare for the big day, "candidature confirmation' for my study today. I am happy because my hard work did pay off and it was appreciated by the panels and supervisors. It is a huge relieve to me and also a motivation for me to continue on my project. I do hope that things will be more and more better in the future and also probably a better time management to handle both my studies and my cosplay hobby. 


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