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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

【COS】 Witches 魔女子

West Witch Majoko @ Akihiko Michaelis
East Witch Hime @Molly Eberwein
North Witch Ruiko@ Maro CH

photo thx Lee Mazaki

This was taken 2 years ago, the last shoot I had Molly and Tsu when I was leaving Penang after finishing my studies there. We had plan for Zone-00 shoot for quite a long time, but never get to do any of them, until this when I can finally get everyone to do with me just before I left the place. It has really been a while since I had such a good time cosing with people I like to work with very much. After I moved back to KL, it is quite hard to get a group of people that work as smoothly as them here.

Zone-00 was quite a popular manga back then when it first came out and a lot of nice cosplay were done that time. Most of the character are very attractive, while Ruiko among all are my favourite. This version is one of the illustration that was highly appealing. We did have a Sara, the North witch when doing the planning, but she was not able to make it that day. It was a pity, but I still had fun that day. It was the longest photoshoot I had among all the cosplay photoshoot so far. 6 hours in total and I wasnt feeling very well that day, sinus suddenly went wild and decided that I should sneeze the whole day. It was terrible but I managed to make it through without messing up my makeups. \\^v^//

I was thinking of posting the tutorial for that Japan ghost mask intially. Somehow I lost the progress pictures when my phone had problem and didn't managed to post it up. Basically its made with paper clay and some cardboards, its not difficult. If any of you would like to get the tutorial please just leave a message, I can give simple tutorial of it, if this can help. 


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