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Friday, 5 August 2016

【COS】夏色えがおで 1 , 2, Jump! - Sonoda Umi


photo thx Razrig photography

Sonoda Umi @ Maro CH

Finally finished editing another set of my Umi cosplay. This costume needs to credit to Fion. Thanks to her, I don't have to do another last minute sewing nightmare again =w=. 

I seldom wear bikini type of swimsuit ( though I had one with me for years) because I don't have confidence with my figure. I don't think I am lean enough to show my belly around to all other people at the beach T3T. Thus, this swimsuit version was like the rarest occasion that could happened on me. It do take a lot of courage to wear it out and try not to be embarassed though. ( I sucked my tummy hard that time XD). The photoshoot did went well, and I am satisfy with this sets of photos. 

Place taken for this photoshoot was at my hometown, Port Dickson, a place famous of its beaches ( about 20 years ago though). We went there early morning about 7am just to make sure the lights weren't too harsh and pray hard there won't be people around in the morning. I was kind of nervous and started to act all crazy jumping here and there and I do remember that I was telling Raz that I hope I have Kotori and Honoka with me so I won't look like some crazy person jumping alone by myself. Can't help it if its a spontaneous shoots that happened like just one week before the date. Its kind of hard to get people to join in in such a short notice. 

There's a few more plans for Umi that still lagging behind. Most of the cloth are ready, just that I need to free some time to make my own cosplay costume. Commissions and school work took up a lot of my time. Sometimes its hard to plan for my own cosplay because of the priorities. I am trying, and do hope that I can clear things up fast. Since I am getting old and sometimes school work is taking more of my time than I anticipated. Planning to slow down in cosplaying myself and want to focus more on commission work and also my school work. But I don't feel like giving up cosplay yet, but probably gonna slow down and put more time thinking about what to do for the future. 

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