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Saturday, 16 February 2013

【Sneak Peek】Happy Chinese New Year 2013 - MF: Ranka Nyan Nyan ver.

It's been a while since I properly updated my blog, especially starting this year, everything seems to be flooding on me so suddenly - from homework to family to festives holidays. Well, since I am going to finish my studies this year ( Oh yeah~~~ a FINALLY~~~~), with all those thesis and papers to write, I decided to take a long CNY holiday before submerged into all these homeworks again.

I came back to PD on 7th Feb, started to do cleanup in my room and house until the very last minute before reunion dinner on the night of CNY eve. Things was as usual as past year, other than with addition of family members, more kids nowadays.

Eve: Cleaning + lunch with ancestors + reunion dinner + visitings and praying to all gods
1st day: Ang pao session + praying in temple + BBQ in mate's house
2nd day: help to prepare lunch for big family members + Ranka's shoot + "Die Hard" movie
3rd day: visiting secondary school friends + "Hotel Deluxe" movie + dinner with friends + gambling session
4th day: meeting long lost friend (HL) and Beng in Mid Valley
5th - 7th day: Pulau Pangkor trip + Cameron trip

Well, I don't really have much time to sit down and relax throughout the whole CNY week though, which now is a finally (phew~)

Since its Chinese New Year, when Raz asked whether I want to take any photoshoot during CNY break since he was coming back to PD during the holiday as well, the first thing I thought of was Ranka Nyan Nyan ver. One of the most chinese feel outfit I can think of, and its been planned for a year (Initially decided to do it last year CNY, which failed apparently because of my noob sewing skill... OTL).  This year, with all those preparation on "How to sew a cheongsam" study, though not perfectly satisfy but slightly satisfy on this short cheongsam which I complete in around 4 hours time ( without seaming though.....). It would looked more prefect if I can keep the waist more.

Although photoshoot did successfully carried on, I think I didnt pray well which there's always things that happened when want to take shoot. Weird traffic jam just before the venue for Ranka shoot. Previous day was supposed to be Miku's shoot, but canceled due to bad whether, low tide, no sun, unclear water..... OTL... Why.... ? = =

Still I was satisfy that Ranka was done nicely ~~~ ( Good job Raz~~~~お疲れ様でした~~) My first photoshoot in 2013 Year~~~ Though it was kind of pity that Miku had failed at the moment, but I will do it one day (USH!!!)

Late night at the moment and I need my bed now =3=. Sleep is always the best remedy for beauty~ Sleep more~ Slim more~ Beauty most ~ Nighty Night~

Wish all chinese and anyone that celebrates CNY a great and happy Chinese New Year~~ HUAT A~~~~

Ranka Lee @ Maro Ch

photo thx Razrig photography
specila thx my little sister~

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