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Thursday, 21 February 2013

【COS】Macross Frontier - Ranka ~Nyan Nyan~ Nyan Nyan~ Ni Hao Nyan~~

Hao Chi Lai Lai~~~ Mei Gu Niang~~ 

Nyan Nyan~~ Nyan Nyan~~

Ni Hao Nyan~~

Goshasu~ Derishasu~ Dekaruchaa~~~~~~~

Happy Chinese New Year , nyan~~

Ranka Lee @ Maro Ch

photo & edit thx Razrig photography
special thx my little sis


Frankly speaking, this nyan nyan ver. had been planned for a year. I failed to sew this nyan nyan costume last year T^T. 

Lesson learnt ---> always start with a paper pattern when making new style of costume (>3<)b. 

Nyan nyan ver. is actually Ranka's part time job uniform in then NyanNyan Restaurant. 
Link below ↓ 

Click me~

Later on she perform in the commercial advertisement for NyanNyan after she became famous. The first few lines of this blog is the lyrics for it. Quite an adorable song~ though the pronunciation was way too off... both the chinese and english..... 

Although this shooting was kind of sudden (Raz ask me less than a week earlier..), I am satisfy with it though. Thank you Raz for such rushing photoshoot, and also thanks to Molly for borrowing Ranka's wig~

Making Nyan Nyan costume was tough initially. After making a lot of research and failed one pattern, I manages to finish the base in less than 3 hours. Most challenging would be the collars, though I managed somehow, with slight unsatisfaction.

I never knew that finding a steamer was so hard until that week, when I went to more than 5 groceries, the few shopping malls near my house and also DAISO. None of them had the dumpling steamer..... Lastly, my brother found it in Mr.DIY (the savior!!!), which I think was quite costly. I wasn't expecting that price somehow, but since its the last resort, so I had to get it... For some reason, I can't find Pao that was available that morning as well. Hence, its empty inside the steamer. =3= Most shops weren't open that day, especially morning time, which was very pity.

Although its a very short photoshoot, less than 45minutes, though we start the car earlier, since I had movie session with family after that + the unexpected traffic jam on the way to the temple, we were left that minute amount of time.  Glad it turned out to be ok~ Though it would be better if I had my sheryl with me~ or even Alto =w=~

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