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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

【COS】Queen of Albion - Esther Blanchett

Even as powerless as I am, I can be help of to someone...

When I was standing here before, there were many things I wanted to know.

Why, did my family had to die?
Why, did I have to fight to survive?
Why, did I have to dirty these hands with blood?

I wanted to know, no matter what.

But, there are still things in this world that I don't understand very well.

Why, do we have to kill one another?

I really don't understand.

But.. there is one thing that I understand....

This is all wrong.

That's why, Shahra.....

I will become the "Lady Saint"

I will work to build a world, 

where humans and vampires can live together in peace.

Queen Esther Blanchett @ Maro Ch (me)
Astharoshe Asran @ Molly Eberwein

photo thx
Razrig photography
Lee Mazaki
Sam Shng

* quotes picked from


I was aiming for Paragon's St Jo's Hall when I was preparing for this event. On 1st December 2012, MCT held this Le Midi Aristocrat (An afternoon with aristocrat) cosplay events that was held in Gurney Paragons, Penang. When I first learnt about this event, was actually thinking of a few plans , like Alices or Alichino.. But later, when I saw the event location, I was stunt with the design of the hall... hence that's why Queen Esther came up =3=
Initially, I struggled in between the nun's outfit or this black gown version of Queen Esther. Later on, knowing that it is hard to get chances like this to take photographs at Paragon ( its prohibited for private shooting), hence, Esther was on the road =w=

I spent around RM350++ for the whole gown, and less then two weeks time to finish the whole costumes, until early morning of the event day. Its almost been the habit already, since no matter how early I start working on the costume, it will always ends at the very first few hours before the event... 

I was quite struggles when making this dress. ( I am not a professional tailor, and never attend any classes or talks or any kind of workshop on tailoring before- Internet is always the best teacher =w=). I try to manage my way to at least create that costume though might not be proper but at least wearable =w=. For the pattern of the upper body of the gown, I use the pattern of a corset, later join the puffy sleeves on. For the skirt part, I use third quarter donuts. This is my second attempt to make ruffles, and this time, I think its quite successful. Thanks to the sumikin's tutorials (, it helped me alot, it was the easiest and clearest tutorials for ruff collars I've seen so far. I use approximate 7cm height x 5meters of cloth ( double layes) for the collars (with silver beads lining) and 4cm height x 3meters of cloth for the ruffs on the wrist. The most difficult part (or troublesome) would be putting on the silver ribbons and white beads on it. I am really thankful to my housemate Jothi for helping in this. For the silver rosary, I made it using paper clay. Results is awesome, just that it is way toooooooooo fragile...
I found it broken the next day when I cleaned up my stuffs... I had already put extra mounting board in it as the base, still it broke QAQ. I still couldn't figure out a better materials that is stiff enough for all these accessories. The same case happened to my Alice's necklace as well. Paper clay-- to fragile. o(>'''<)o

As an amateur tailor... the most difficult part would be estimating the size of my costumes... sometimes, it just don't fit well..  it was quite a nuisance, though with extra allowance, it might still be too small (especially the hips part.. so gg). So , a big aim here: To have the same body as my mannequin, so whatever that I tailor-made on her will definitely fit on me perfectly muahahhahahahahahahhahahaha (ゝ∀・)

I wasn't satisfy with this Esther actually, especially when I was in such a hurry making the costume, all details were just glued on. It tends to fall off gradually.. and my makeup was not good enough as well.. so.. lessons learnt here, would be not to do things in such an urgent condition.. (I'll stitch all the beads back when I am free > <).. and my face look fat with the ruffles... OTL.. 

Lastly some words of appreciation, to the organizers of Le Midi, making the location available, and all the photographers, Raz, Mazaki and Sam for the awesome photos. 


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