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Sunday, 17 February 2013

【COS】Vocaloid - Secret Time After School - Miki

秘密の放課後 (Secret Time After School)

Song: Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Kaai, Lily, Iroha
Rap: Kamui Gakupo
Composed/Lyrics: natsu-P
Arranged: natsu-P & haku
Guitar, Drums and mix : haku
Illustration: Hiiro

月曜の朝 いつもと違う
髪型で 気付くかしら?

10センチ 短くしたスカート
あなたをドキドキさせたい 乙女心よ


胸の奧がチクチクして 痛くなるの

あなたに夢中な この気持ち 「ハジメテ」なの
もう子供なんかじゃないから 全部が欲しい

あなたの視線を 獨り占めしたい
なんて 大膽なお願い言えるかしら?

土曜日の夜 あなたは何をしてる?
會えない時間 募る思い
色々したいし知りたい お年頃なの

誰にも言えない・・・でも言いたい 張り裂けそう






 Miku @ Shiori
  Kaai @ Huey
   Rin @ Shino
Meiko @ Taryn
Gumi @ Molly
             Miki @ Maro Ch (me)
   Lily @ Sumire
                Iroha @ Akihko Michaelis
      Luka @ Kaien Yuu

photo thx Lee Mazaki, Rin YR, Sam, Kazuki


I didn't manage to finish up the lyrics this time... so "つづく" =w=. There's only 2 days left of my CNY holiday, so I was rushing on photos that I could settled at the moment while I still have freedom left. 

Secret time after school reminds me of Sailormoon op. Though they don't really resemble, but it did have that era's music, very the anime feel~ Couldn't said that I were fancied or had love for the song since I only heard twice before I doing this photoshoot, and just slightly glance through the lyrics... and got completely mistaken of the meaning.... OTL .. my bad....

The most complicated part of this Miki was the wig. I was thinking to get a Miki wig but I can't find any suitable for this version. The colour was quite extraordinary, pale orangy pink. After searching for some time in TB, I gave up and decided to dye myself. I used a light pink wig and paint with orange fabric dye. Wig became quite coarse and easily tangled after that though, have to ion it frequently and wig spray was not helping at all. Fabric dye method somehow gives kind of a fluorescence (might due to the dye color too), but it tends to stain on cloths, though the color stays. At least a better method than pastel chalk, I tried the first time and its not recommended as the colors really drop, and it won't stay long enough and very messy. I was satisfied with the end product, the color was just nice though it destroy the wig. 

For the antenna, I stick extra hair that I cut off after trimming the wig on a wire to maintain the hook shape of Miki's antenna. Normal water glue served as a very nice adhesive agent to fix the hair in shape, though the first layer required UHU to fix on the wire. I think it looked better after I shaped again when I attended the event Danny Choo cultural night in Paragon, Penang (pic below).  

photo thx Rin YR

Although I don't like asking for tailor as I feel better and more secure to make costume myself, this uniform didn't piss me off though. It's tailored from Kuroneko's mum, and it fits perfectly on me, the craft was just perfect. She charged reasonably as well so feel free to order from her if interested (pm for details). 



  1. i really lovelove love love thissss!

    1. Thank you/// ^^ one of my best costume as well!