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Thursday, 28 March 2013

【COS】Vocaloid - Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro

『さあさあ 今宵も無礼講








や や や や 嫌 嫌 嫌

列成す 卒塔婆の群れが歌う



腹を見せた 鯉幟(こいのぼり)
孕んだのは 髑髏(されこうべ)

やい やい 遊びに行こうか

やい やい 笑えや笑え

らい らい むすんでひらいて

らい らい 羅刹と骸(むくろ)

一つ二つ三つで また開いて

五つ六つ七つで その手を上に

松の樹には首輪で 宙ぶらりんりん

皆皆皆で 結びましょ


Hatsune Miku @ Maro Ch
Shion Kaito @ Kaien Yuu

photo thx GN S Chen
special thx Molly Eberwein & Fuyu

Its almost end of March and I haven't been posting anything recently. For the past month, I was busying about thesis thingy, and its not progressing well at all, was kind of stressed-up at the moment. At least one for March today =w=.

Previously I was attracted by one cosplayer photo of this version of Miku, ( I don't really know who that cosplayer was), but her cosplay was so amazing that I searched through the internet immediately to find out about the songs. My instinct told me that this song would fit my taste very much, and I was right about that. By the way, this is way before I started cosplay. Well if compared back with her version, I think mine was not as perfect as hers, it was kind of in rush somehow. Thinking back about past year cosplay, I had done thing with rush and incomplete way. Though there's always beauty in the incomplete way, but I would always think that I could have done better . Like Ryoma's favourite quote " まだまだだね", there's always the space to keep up, and I had much more to learn. 

Although this set I used around 1 year time to complete it, well mostly because I was lazy to start editing it, there's always part that I was not satisfy with, especially when postprocessing wasn't my strong point at all. Thanks to Molly actually, for introducing the Nix color effect plugin for Photoshop, is was such a savior. I tried hard with Lightroom, and found it unreasonable to communicate with. Nix had become a good friend indeed, the real user-friendly type. <--- main motivation for me to start editing it.. A few there was edited by Yuu with Lightroom, and when I tried my part with PS alone, it just didnt work out. I was lucky when Nix got a filter that could gave similar effect as the one Yuu edited, I was saved XDDDDD.

The lyrics was adapted from vocaloid wikia ( link below). Mainly I was thinking only about putting pictures on until I got the idea when recapturing the song from Youtube to integrate the lyrics in a few of the pictures to complete them. Well, at least I tried, and with the pictures I have, it could fit in for the 1st phrase of the songs ( that's why its until there). The "Yai" and "1,2,3"part initially was planned to be .gif pic, but it's awkward, hence I changed into this instead, I think its better that a sudden gif in all static pic, might caused heart attack (hahahah =D). and I just remember that woodplank is still at the back of my car.......... normally what do people do with used props anyway?? I always wonder.... I find them a nuisance..... <--- failed cosplayer(?) I am really not that kind that appreciates props .... and I was afraid to start any armor cosplay because I know I will hate the armor after finish event or photoshoot....... T3T


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