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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

【Food】One Piece Bistro Cafe

I was having a trip to Kangkar Pulai a few days ago to meet up with Min, stayed at her house for a few days while having fun in Johor and Singapore. 

When mentioned about Skudai, as an OP-maniac, this bistro cafe would be the must that shouldn't be missed out. This One Piece Bistro Cafe located in Taman Sutera Utama in Skudai, Johor, was one and the only anime-themed restaurant in Malaysia. The entrance itself is already a big attraction, with huge poster of Straw-hat Pirates team~ 

Decorations in the shop are considered quite awesome. I think they were trying to create the olden bar-type atmosphere here, with all OP related deco, and figurines. Though Min did commented that she was disappointed as she was expecting a team of luffy serving us instead =w= ( i think it would be so awesome, if the waiters were all dressed up like luffy //////)

Love the figurines there, OP Z film////

I was not expecting much on the taste of their food for theme restaurant, wasn't surprise to find the food to taste so so. I ordered Volcano Spicy Ramen, well it tasted like normal hawker center ramen. Not spicy to my expectation. Min order for Sanji's special, Black Pepper Chicken Chop. The serving was quite small. Though I like the chicken a lot, much tender and soft.  

I like those cups a lot, mine with Nami on it while Min's with Zoro. 

They were doing this special offer from 12pm- 3pm, a free drinks with any main dish order. 

Overall services were quite good, food so so, but decorations were quite awesome

Its a worth a try restaurant~ Do visit if happen to pass-by Sutera Mall =w=

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