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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Love Coloured Ward

Vocal : Hatsune Miku
Song/Lyrics: OSTER Project

Nurse Meiko @ Karie
Nurse Miku @ Yuki Christy
Nurse Rin @ Kuro Dai
Nurse Luka @ Maro Ch (Me)

photo thx A.R.C. Photography
special thx Yukito and some friends
costume and wig thx Shiori Itou


Finally.. since last year May (?) completed another set of my long stored picca. This is the other group of love ward that I joined in. Thanks again to Yuki for inviting as Nurse Luka, also thanks to Yukito for helping in booking of the highclass hotel room. This is the first time working with Karie, and second time with Yuki and Dai (after the Sailors outing), all of you are just awesome! Thanks to Alex as well, for agreeing for the photoshoot in such a busy moment ( he had 3 shoots that day), the pictures are awesome as usual ///// Though I wasn't able to stay back for the night in that CEO hotel room (LOL), it was a pleasure for having such a nice moment with all of you~~ 

Well, about this song "Love-Coloured Ward", when you actually go through lyrics of the song.. I don't find much relation with nurse. Its a "love story" to me, about a girl showing the busybody character of female caring for the boy when he is sick and ended up having disease known as "love struck" with the boy. So.. why nurse outfit..? Apparently, this must be some uniform fetishism of the artist of the PV =w=. 

こんな夜中に着信って/Received an urgent call in a night like this
どういう风の吹き回しなの/Now, what's blowing on tonight?

闻けば38度5分って/He said that its 38.5 degree 
そんな微热で/for that kind of mild fever
私の出る幕?/I was needed for that?
そう谓っても/Saying so
母性本能が邪魔をして/Maternal instinct is such a trouble
レジ袋片手に/with a plastic bag on hand
アイツに遭いに往く/going to meet up that guy

25时の夜间病栋に/Sick ward of 25-hour in the morning
飞び込んで/rush in it
ウイルスまみれの空间に/enter a room full with viruses
犯されぬよう/not wanted to be infected
]息を止めなくちゃ/have to stop breathing for the moment

隙を见せたら 睫毛同士が/not expecting for the loophole both sides lashes
ぶつかる音に 火花飞び散る/crashes each others sparks everywhere

そんなつもりで この私を/for that kind of motives i was called
こんな夜中に 呼びつけたりして/in a night like this summon with such excuses

狡(ズル)いじゃない/its not that you are cunning
私(ひと)の気持ちも/maybe its my feelings
知らないクセに/could not understand your mannerism
无邪気に笑わないで/don't smile at me innocently
禁则事项です/this is prohibited

徐々に热を帯びてゆく/surrounded with heated air slowly  
夜间病栋で/in this midnight ward
乱れる呼吸に/mess-up breathing
加速する心拍数が 理性を蚀んで/counting accelerated heartbeat rationality invaded 
また炎症を起こし始めた/starting to heated up causing inflammation
粘膜の热さに耐えかねて/unstandable heating mucosal
部屋を飞び出す/have to leave the room quickly
どうすればいいの/what should i do

なんだか あの时から具合が悪い/Condition was not right since then
経口感染だ どうしてくれるか/why would be infected through oral contacts
火照る身体引きずり/dragging burning body
また部屋に飞び込んだ瞬间/when return to the room rushing
苍白(チアノーゼ)/pale (face)

私はただの薬箱じゃないわ/I am not just a firstaid box
あんなに看病してあげたじゃない/not that good at nursing
放っておいたら 死んでしまうかもよ/but if leave it like that it might die soon
だからお愿い 助けてよ/so please someone come to help me

苦い薬も我慢しますから/have to bear even with the most bitter medicine
痛い注射も我慢しますから/have to bear even with the most painful injection
絶えず流れ落ちてゆくマスカラ/smeared mascara that flow down together
もうどうすればいいの/do not know what to do anymore

弃てられた仔猫のように/like an abandon kitten
唤き散らして 朝を迎えても/cry and make noises even when the sun rises
治らない/could not be cured
アナタがいなくちゃ/you had disembark from hospital and lost
治る訳ないじゃない/to be cured is not easy
またあの夜が头をよぎって/the memory of that night flashes back
切なさが全身に転移して/pain distracted to whole body
身体を湿らす/spread through the body

どうすればいいの/what should I do

Lol... I tried to translate the lyrics from chinese ver of this ( I can't read japanese fluently yet though), it started to sound so wrong... well... let's just considered this as a beautiful love struck story ( it is to me at the first glance of the lyrics ), that kind of doki doki feel when a girl meet up with a boy in his room in the middle of the night, and I would so love a Mikuo and Kaito version //////[fujoshi's satelite ON] or.. rin and len version....[cough cough ///

Anyway, the song is still awesome, ( please click on the link above to hear the song =w=) . Its rather adorable song/// i don't like the starting initially, find it kind of annoying (haha).. but somehow its addictive in the end, very cute song indeed. I think credits should go to the author of the fanart below as well .. it should be what makes this song so much popular.

Cheers to all Uniform fetishes (including me, yeah~~ Uniforms are just so awesome!!!) 
Might think of another nurse uniform again, in the future.. like Sheryl Nome's nurse outfit// hurhurhur~

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