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Thursday, 27 December 2012

【COS】2012 Summary Thx

The 2nd year of my cosplay life filled with all amazement and satisfaction. 

(i) First of all would like to thank my mate for last years Christmas Present~~~ Dear Miss. Precious ////////////
~Miss Precious~
Without Miss Precious, my coslife would not be so fullness~~

(ii) Fulfilled quite some dream cosplay = Alice Liddell <--- the most /////

(iii) Met A lot of famous Cosplayers Around the World///////// 

With KANAME☆~ (from left-> right: Fuyu, Akihiko, Molly, KANAME, Me, Allen Yap)

With Miyuko and Tasha from SPCats (from left -> right: Miyuko, Molly, Me, Akihiko, Tasha)

With DD-Tenka /////// so kakkoi!!!!

With Akatsuki Tsukasa & Judi   ❤ ❤

With Reika-sama ///  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

With Sara~~ (though I dont feel like admiting this =3=, my PLUTO////// )

(iv) All my beloved teammates that support and willing to cosplay with me
Dear Hubby Kaien Yuu for all those pairings~
Dear TsuTsu, Shiori, Molly, Fuyu
(v) Very Nice groups of Vocaloids~

Dear Vocaloids, Taryn, Sumire,Shino, Huey, Even, and YR

(vii) All GREAT Cosplayers that I worked with for the first time

Dai Dai, Yuki and Karie nurses~
With Sara's Aomine-kun~
With Kappy's Ib~
If World Kuroko no Basuke - Katsuki, Fion and CK 
Frey's Gakupo in Setsu Getsu Ka

(viii) All Awesome Photographers that I worked with

Photo thx Lord Mazaki

photo thx AWESOMENESS Alex (A.R.C.)

photo thx Incredicle Raz!!
photo thx Sam~~
photo thx Michelle Neoh

photo thx Rin YR

photo thx Molly Eberwein
(ix) Dear TB Agent Yoru Hime~~~ (sadly i don't have picture with you =3=)

And all people that I know~~ Though its hard to mention who and who //// Its and honor to worked with all of you people and share the interest that we were so into ~ 

Thanks again to all manga artists, anime producers, seiryuus~~~

Cheers, and will have fun again next year!!!!

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