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Thursday, 6 December 2012

【Event】10112012-11112012 AFA '12 Singapore

Almost a month since AFA Sg... So here is the event review =^3^=
AFA SG this year is just so awesome~~~~ I met a lot of friends there, the two pair of twins, Min & Akane n the HAYASHIs 0(≧∀≦)0 (KYAAAAA////////////////// fangirl mode ON) and also Yaki~~~~ I really appreciate Yaki and Min&Akane for helping at that moment of time. Just love you all so much 

We departed from butterworth terminal at 10pm on Friday, and eventually reach SG the next morning 10am.. yes, 12 hours of bus, it killing us... Though Molly was thinking of coming together with us in the first place, but there was no more seats left for the bus we taking.. But at the time we reach JB... Me and Yuu were the only passengers that were going into SG that time... = = ╬  Anyhow, she didnt make it, so we actually stay for another 2 days after the event. 
~Day2 of AFASG~

AFA SG this year was held in Singapore Expo. Since we were staying in Bkt.Batok, it took around an hour time for us to reach the event hall by MRT. But for some reasons, we only went into the hall around 4pm.. which was kind of late... I missed the chance to see Reika's Sinbad TAT

Somehow, I think because Yuu did prayed a lot in her heart that she would like to see KANAME, we found him standing in the K anime booth for photographing sessions just after we went into the hall. (o゚ω゚o) Lucky us ! We met Yasu and Roxey Mu there queuing up for the photographing with KANAME. MuMu is such a bishie =/////////////////////= (fangirl mode on again). This was the first time I met Yasu as well, as pretty as always (o☻ܫ☻o) . I was so exaggerated  to meet them in person. Though later on we only found out that only those who got the coupons from spending 50sgd above on K anime merchandises were allow to take photo together with KANAME QAQ. But they still let us took his photo (not with him) . Yuu got another collection of KANAME's words to her, "すごい!". (〃^∇^)      

Roxey Mu ( 沐沐)as Kaito from
Musunde Hiriate Ratsetsu to Mukuro
(I can see Yasu's hand here XDDDD)

Mumu, Yasu, Yuu & me
 Later on we left Mumu and Yasu there fangirling on KANAME, and continue our journey to search for Reika.. But somehow, we met Alex (A.R.C.) instead telling us that Reika is not coming out .....anymore TAT.

Well, for the whole day, we kept wandering around the hall looking for people that we might know. At least I met Tenka ( as bishie ever =///////=) She did Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-san . Just the Haru I imagine to be ///////// 

Me & Tenka as Haru
Met Feng Huai as well////// doing gijinka ver of Lord Shen from Kungfu Panda2. Thanks for helping to COD for Key Tan.

Me & Akane//////  so bishie's Homura

Sadly I didnt manage to charge my phone and didnt get much chance to camwhore with all other people ;A;. 

Me with HAYASHIs ( I LOVE NIGOU MORE =////=)
Well, before leaving the hall, we got the chance to grab A.R.C. for some photos before.

Thanks to A.R.C. or helping to get photos for us...

Lastly I manage to meet Angie, when she was coming out for rest. ( I took off my hoodie dy =3=). Manage to get her cards and also Ying tze's. 

The version I and Yuu doing for AFA is the gijink of USAVICH, Putin and Kirenenko. There were a lot more other versions but we decide to settle down with the hoodies since this is sooooooo cute=/////////=. and ya, another last minute work.... OTL... Something nice about this costume is that I am actually wearing slippers ( Putin wears only slippers) for the whole day and its was like the first time no foot pain even!! sssoooooo WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!the person who invented slippers was just GODLIKE!!!!! (^∀^)ノノ✥:*:
~Day 3 of AFASG~

Due to some reasons, I was the only one that willing to take that hour of travel to the event again, because I DIDNT GET TO MEET REIKA ON FIRST DAY!!!!!. So I was told that Reika is there in the event hall again, and I eagerly went through the one hour MRT (with Mitch Albom on my hand =w=), to meet Reika~~~ 

I didnt planned to cosplay on this day anyway, since I don't have much time to prepare , so might as well just have fun there. I remembered there was meeting session with Akatsuki Tsukasa and Judi at the Panasonic booth around 1pm, so when I reached Expo, the first place I went to was the Panasonic booth and luckily they were still there, and ya, Alex was there too (・ω・)Akatsuki and Judi are just so pretty!!!!! ////// Love their Vocaloids. I always known Cheongsam as the ultimate costume as ..... to look good in it was just so challenging... but here , both of them looked awesome in those costume =///////=

Akatsuki Tsukasa, Me and Judi
I got their coscards as well, both of them are so friendly and nice =////=

Later on I followed Alex around the hall, and finally I got to meet REIKA She is just so Kakkoi=////////////= nosebleed die me~~~

I got a hug from her and pass my coscard to her. Sadly by that time her coscard had already been given all out... TAT
Gosh gosh=//////= Reika so handsum!!!!!!!!!!
It was sad that she couldn't stay long, she seems like having some performance or what... and have to catch the time. And because I was soooooo excited to see her, I forgot to get her autograph OTL............ Next time!! Next time !!!!!!

I met a lot of friends that day as well. Though I was alone, luckily Alex is there~ I become part time saikang for him XDDDD
me and Nozomi as Racing Rin

Me and Lucia as Racing Miku

Katsuki Wind as Aomine <3

me and Reina as Kise

Me and Asyie/////// so bishie as Saito

Me and Cili padi as Ririchiyou

KYA////// Mumu

me and ying as loveward rin

*nosebleed die* Hayashi's twins Syaoran

Though I am alone, I was quite satisfy and happy in the event. Though I did not cosplay, I think its more enjoying to be in the event without costumes. I queued for around 15mins to take a photo at the Animax booth with K anime, and got the goodies bag for free///////////// then wandered around the booths there, got myself a few Gashapon, 4 nameko, 2 T&B and 1 OP keychain~~~ ITS ACE"S~~~ the price for the gashapon on the event hall is slightlier cheaper than normal price, 3sgd per gashapon. Saw this Nyanko-sensei tissue box, was hesitating in the beginning , but since its original//// then woohoo~~~~ gotcha~~
Lastly before I left, I saw this Moby Dick coin box, only for 15sgd, with 3 tiny figure as well, Whitebeard, Ace and Marco~~~~ There's another Marine ship with Luffy and Mr.3 and hmm I think Buggy (dun really remember) but... my mate hate marine... So didnt get that =3=

Stashes from AFA'12

Overall I enjoy AFA12 alot!!! I got to meet Reika, Akatsuki Tsukasa, and Judi.. and lastly take a look of KANAME in K's uniform////// Kakkoi desu!!!!!


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