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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

【Book】07122012 Big Bad Wolf Book Sales 2012

This year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales came back here in Mines Convention Centre starting 7 Dec 2012 to 23 Dec 2012, 3 millions of books on sale with incredible discounts and claimed as the biggest book sale in the world. 

I always thought that the reading community in Malaysia was not as passionate as those in other countries (if not mistaken , last year's stats on Malaysian reading volume would be 2 pages per person per year?). However, looking at the condition in the sales that day, it was just so shocking to see these much of books in one hall with all those passionate bookworms here hauling for all the food and supplements for the brain. 


I was there on the first day itself, took the earliest bus 8am from Penang, reach Pudu station and take KTM to The Mines, reached the hall around 3pm and stuck in all those books for 4 hours, right before my mate picked me up from the hall at 7++pm. Was so satisfy! 

I rushed to the mangas corner in the first place ( haha i know XDDD), trying to loot for some that I wished to get. Now, the thing is, its kind of not possible to get the whole series of mangas. I set my eyes on R Veda, but there's only 1,2,6 and 10; Arcana, 5,7; Alichino, only 1... I kept all this in my box for an hour, holding them all around the hall before I gave up on them Q3Q. Well, I dont find it neccessary to keep if its not complete, hence giving up in getting them, save a bit on my purse. Though I still get Tamashin, even its not complete <--- i like this artist a lot =w=, and Gravitation novel ///////////////// (uknowwhy). 

I was looking for Skulduggery and Nicholas Sparks particular, but I didnt managed to get the Skulduggery I was looking for, for Nicholas Sparks, only The Lucky One is available, hence I got 3 of them, one for me , another 2 for my coursemate. 

James Patterson was one of the thriller writer I liked a lot. I read the Kiss the Girl, was fascinated by Alex Cross, and hence I get all Alex Crosses that I could find =w=. I only found out later that the made a movie recently on Alex Cross based on the book Cross. 

Below are my hauls from BBW, total 24 books, plus one bakery for my little sister that is not shown here. 

Though I went back last weekend, I didnt get back to the book sales. People did comment that after the first 3 days of none stop 60 hours book sales, the books were all scattered around =3=. Well, as I would comment that as people that reads, I do hope that at least realize the importance of putting them back to the place when don't feel like buying it anymore. I know its hard to do that, since mostly its not possible to remember the original place of the books, but at least try, and not putting them in some other places. It makes the others hard to get it. I had done it, going back to the original places of the books and putting them back when I do not want to get them, its hard but possible. Love the books, give chances to others that might want to get them instead, spare the attendants some convenience. I am not sure whether BBW did make another counter for books to be return when not buying them anymore, if yes, that would be so great, if not, well, might as well consider this, setting up an extra counter for books to be return if not buying them.

Cheers for all book lovers~ Read more, Learn more ~

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