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Monday, 19 November 2012

【COS】Vocaloid- Love Coloured Ward ~ Yowane Haku

Love Coloured Ward 

Song/Lyrics: OSTER Project
Vocal: Hatsune Miku

Meiko Nurse @ Taryn 
Luka Nurse @ Shiori
Rin Nurse @ Fuyu
Miku Nurse @ Sumire
             Gumi Nurse @ Molly Eberwein
            Haku Nurse @ Maro Ch (me)
         SweetAnn Nurse @ Akihiko Michaelis
                 SeeU Nurse @ Akihiko Michelis 2

photo thx Lee Mazaki & GN S Chen (Sam)
special thx Rin YR & Kazuki ( team photogs)

Finally another complete set that I had settled, though it took for a few months time to edit this set. (≧∀≦)
Sincerely thanks to dear Tsu for organizing this team of vocaloid nurses, and make all the arrangement for the  photoshoot. It was a very happy memory with all of you beautiful nurses and glad that I was invited in the team. 

I was engaged with another team of Love Ward in KL, doing Luka nurse in that team. When Tsu actually mentioned on doing Love Ward here, I was not interested in the first place, since I had a team already, and I like only Luka ver. by then. However, I was fished by the idea of doing self-created version of nurses for other girl Vocaloids that did not appeared in the original 4-ppl team, hence I did this Yowane Haku version of Love Ward. (o゚ω゚o). White hair with red eyes is always my best preference of appearance (o☻ܫ☻o). 

The location of the photoshoot is in this Clinic Cafe located in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Somehow........ it just closed down a few weeks ago... i think.... which was pretty sad... It was a nice place.... and nice food as well...... though we were the pretty nurses there XDDDD.
I love the settings of the food alot.. since what I use in the lab for chemicals is there on the table for drinks , conical flask, one of my favourite labwares =w=. The price was not bad as well.. though I don't really understand why it wasn't popular by then... Sigh (,,゚Д゚)! Well, at least we did our shoot there successfully and left this awesome memory before the place faded away TAT.

So, Oh yeah for all pretty nurses ~~

Camwhores from Molly's phone

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