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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!!!!

Just beg a photo from photographer Lee Mazaki~~~

Sailor Neptune from Sailormoon Super S

   Sailor Neptune @ Maro Ch (its me~~)
photo thx Lee Mazaki

I am so in love with this "big head" kind of photos. The eyes will look so "bling bling" and often shape the face sharp. 

One of the most fortunate of unforunate things during the preparation for this cos would be the delay arrival of my parcel containing the Neptune wig, shoes and gloves. It's kind of fortunate in the sense that when I got the parcel finally yesterday I was so shock that the shoe color was so difference *0*. Luckily it arrive late, its better to go berserk after the shooting rather then before that since my backup shoe looks so much nicer than this pairs. Unfortunately, the backup shoe R.I.P. just right after the shoot... (T^T I so love that, I paint it for hours just to make the color right). 

One thing to be mention here would be "The most handy props for cosplay", which is.......... Tadaa
~~~My Deep Aqua Mirror~~

Its really handy to have a mirror on the hand during shooting or cosplaying since its so nice to be able to check on the look everytime when needed >v<!! So love this prop~~~ Now its on my table beside my laptop ready for me to use whenever I needed~ so handy~~~~

Hope to get the full photos soon, since with different photogs, its hard to collect them altogether. T^T god bless me~

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