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Monday, 5 September 2011

First date with Blogspot

Enlighten by a lot of friends around me, I decide to start 'again' blogging~~ This is the forth or fifth blog that I actually created and do really hope that I will continue writing this until forever, not ending up like all those that I left behind. ( ;A; sorry... my dear bloggies...)

The most things that will be posted here will be on my Cosplay~~

I had admitted myself to ACG world for more than 10 years. Which one of the series that inspire me the most would be Sailormoon~~

Sailormoon could said to be one of those childhood hero of every single girl around my age. Its like the most popular idol that time among all the girls (and some boys too, my little brother one of the fan). Unlike kids today, they fancy on K pop and J pop artist instead . I was like =口= when my little sister looking at those K pop bishounen photos and said she wanna be their girlfriend.... 
During my childhood time, I dreamt only to Henshin into sailors = =.. huge cultural difference between 10 years of gap.

I personally fancy Neo Queen Serenity the most, after I saw this portrait of her.

*hearted eyes* I still so love her every time I sees this~~~~

However, to be honest, I was only manage to finish the until R series at that time. Sticking myself onto NTV7 waiting for every episode, refuse to go for tuition or piano classes as do not willing to lose any of the episode. It's one of the memorable days during my childhood, together with all of the sailors, their bravery, their bonds, and their stories. 
Only until a few months ago, I was able to recapture the agitations to henshin again. I began to study the character I chose--- Sailor Neptune (reason that I gave that time is because I never try green hair before...= = sorry Neptune T^T I do love you now!!!), and reinforce my memory of series through the manga.  It's quite a nuisance that I was not able to get the full anime series of the series, only able to watch through youtube shouting " Neptune Planet Power, Make Up" .

Its quite a dream come true somehow and it's great that its possible to achieve something that seems to be impossible during that childhood time. Although I am not able to do the favourite character of mine (T^T Serenity I love you =3=), it still feels great to be able to do this character, which now I was so in love with the wig~~~~~

The outing photoshoot that was really fun and I have learnt a lot from all the cosplayers, photographers and all the helpers. Specially thanks to Venus for organizing the event, especially when the group is as huge as this, there's always emergency, incidence that tends to happen, but Venus manage to handle it and its a huge success. None of this could be possible without her help. I'll keep my words with me for a while until I get all the pictures I have to post it here. ^.^
A preview picture of Sailormoon Final Battle

Sailor Pluto @ Ayumi Goh                    
                                                         Sailor Neptune @ Maro Ch ( which is me ^0^)
        Sailor Uranus @ Cappy Phreakyfish            
                                                            Sailor Saturn @ Molly Eberwein              

photo thx Thomas Kuan aka Black Rabbit

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