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Saturday, 11 July 2015

【COS】 - 爱で痴れる夜の纯情


Kagerou - Maro CH
Kicho - Kaien Yuu

photo thx Micho

Its time for some BL!! I suppose Hanafurirou series is one of the most popular BL series among the fujoshis. Despite being a hardcore (cough) fujoshi, I had finally done a proper BL cosplay after 5 years (?) of cosplaying (=////w/////=) I seldom take up male character these few years as I find my feature to be too feminine. However, I was quite comfortable with Kagerou, for he is well-known of having beautiful female appearance. I was glad that I can have a bishie seme , thanks to Yuu for willing to do this series together.

This was the first official time I work with Micho, one of the least female photographer in Malaysia. I had always loves her composition of the photos, and finally I have the chance to work with her. Do check out her facebook page for more of her photos.

Link here:

I finally get the time recently to clear up all the backlogs, as I am finally back to school! Like how I was always told by adults since I was small, schooling is always the best time to enjoy the life and we will know it when we step foot into the working society. I finally realize how true this is when I was working on my first job. Working is all about commitment and there isn't much space for stupid mistakes when its not about ourselves anymore. For all members of the society out there I salute all of you. I decided to further studies instead of working at the moment. So I will be actively updates on the my cosplay progression ~~~~ (not saying that I will be free since the workload of my studies is quite heavy just that I require more time to relax myself to ensure best performance of my studies hahahahhah).

Some things that I wanted to do recently is working more on the tutorials for crafting and sewing when I have the time and hope this can help all people out there. As I think the bow tutorial I make for Merida's bow had got quite a huge reply from all cosplayers out there that require a bow thing, I am glad that I did share that tutorial out. I will be giving more tutorials in the future~

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