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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

【COS】NagiAsu - Memo to Tsumugu.....5 Years of You and Me

Ne.. Tsumugu, 5 years ago, 
I wanted to give up. 
I wanted to become more mature. 
I wanted to change.

I wanted to look forward. I wanted to think of others feelings. I wanted to give up Hikari.... for the sake of Manaka. 

"So you gave up your own feelings?"
" Because you are not able to forgive yourself?"

 you said to me, as if you can read through my thoughts

"I don't understand what do you mean....." 

I knew that I was deceiving myself

"I don't dislike.. how you are now" 

but I had hated you

"5 years ago, when you are trying to defend Hikari from misunderstood by others, I thought that I had  'how can one be so foolish', how can you be so pathetic for others"

You did know that I was always in love with Hikari

" You are always so quite and calm, but sometimes you can so fierce that I couldn't handle
At that time, I think that you were like the sea"

I was shocked and yet my heart was pounding so hard and loud and I scare that you could hear me.

"For the five years I've spent with you, I've always been watching you"
"Just as living by the sea, I come to understand the sea, I starting to understand you as well"
"And I feel that your feelings are for me now, did I understand it wrong?"

I doesn't want to admit at that time, because I am afraid.

"I am not in love with Tsumugu!!" 

I do not want to admit that I had changed.
I am afraid that, if my feelings for Hikari was different, its a betrayal to everyone that is still sleeping ...everyone whose time had stopped. 

But I am glad that you didn't give up on me.

I am glad that you have hold on to my hand

I am glad that we can walk together by the seaside

and talk about all the tiny bits in our life

I am glad that the one standing beside me , is you.


Chisaki @ MaroCh
Tsumugu @ DiTi (Derek)

photo thx Ahbutography
special thx Mico, Yuu, Yukki, Misia

 Yeahhhhh~~~~ Finally I had completed this set. The photos had been out for quite some time. I didn't really get the chance to sit down and settle the whole set out and finally I decided to get the thing done no matter how. 

Nagi no Asukara is one of the best anime last year. The whole anime is all about feels!! Of course I like Tsumugu and Chisaki pairing the most, obviously, since they are such a cute couples together. Its like seeing a pair of very good friends finally going out together, so sweet and so heart warming. Not only about the characters, most importantly it is a complete story. It is the most recommended love story anime I would suggest~

This is the first time I had worked with Ahbu, a very experienced female cosplay photographer from Singapore. I love her so much!!!! She is very creative person and give alot of ideas for the photos that she would like to take. Usually it will take only one or two shots to capture the perfect moment and it is like what I had wanted the pictures to looked like. I really appreciate the chance and her effort and definitely going to work with her again~

There will be a few more complete sets to be upload soon, if I have any free time. Since I started to study again, its been busier ever, and there seems to be no time for everything at all. I really need to start time management thingy =3=

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