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Friday, 11 July 2014

【Event】20140705-06~CosfestXIII- The Final Fantasy

This year Cosfest XIII - The Final Fantasy was the last cosfest held at downtown east in Pasir Ris, Singapore. This is my first time attending Cosfest however.I planned to attend last year's event but just could not make it because of financial constrain >n</. Thus this year, me and Yuu decide that we should really go, especially this is for Min and Akane's birthday celebration. The event however wasn't as big as I had imagine. Still I enjoy the event alot~ Manage to see Reika also and get a selfie with her ~~~

The most fun part of the event is to able to meet up a lot of friends~~ especially those that is working in sg. Fuyu, Min and Akane~~ And also got to know new friends, Ahbu's friends from Perth~~ Pretty and Lovely and little crazy bishoujo~~ 

I am cosing as Chisaki from Nagi no Asukara together with Derek as my Tsumugu~~ we had the photoshoot a day earlier with one of my favourite photog, Ahbutography~. Was so happy that she agreed to take this series for us. I have always love her photos ♥ The arrangement and settings of her photos always fill with strong feelings~ Will post out the full set soon once its ready!

For Day 2, as i have to leave earlier, I didn't manage to meet a lot of people. Just a few selfies with whoever i can get. I was doing Serah Farron from FFXIII together with Yuu as my Lightning. Was glad that I manage to rush it out last minute. I'll still need somemore modification on the size to perfect it. 

Overall it is a fun experience, and I manage to get something from the doujin booth there.. like ehm ehm Eruri doujin artbook ehm ehm///i still can't get over eruri// favourite pair of all time ♥♥♥ /cries rainbow on Clover's artwork. Oh, and also Reika's postcard~n its Joker!! She make the best joker I had ever agreed with~ 

Still hope that next year they are stillnholding cosfest and maybe I will attend again! So look forward for the next event in Sg, AFA'14. 

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