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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

【TRIP】Penang Street Art Tour

Another month had passed since my last blog entry, and another two weeks since my last visit to Penang town. Though I stay in Penang state, I'd say its a visit because I solely spaced that day for sightseeing with my mate. We took the chance of my remaining time here for art-hunt in Georgetown before I moved back to my hometown after my studies here.

Our route started from Chew Jetty. I parked my car at the parking lot next to Chew Jetty and we started walking using GPS. 

There are initially 3 mural paintings in Chew Jetty, 2 by Simon Tan and 1 by Ernest Zachaveric . Two of them " Amah and Asoon" and also "Children in A Boat" had faded and painted off. Its a pity for these beautiful paintings to wear off T3T.  Left only the one below, at the entrance of Chew Jetty. 

"Akong and Amah" by Simon Tan

"Children on A Boat" was supposed to be on that piece of wall, but wore off, might because its facing the sea. All the breezes and rains might just be too harsh for it.

A picture of me looking down the stairs... I wonder what is that for?

An interesting signboard in the middle of Chew Jetty. Very adorable~

We continued walking across a few roads and reaches the 4th art that day. All Mural paintings onward are by Ernest Zachaveric ( except the CATS, Ill mentioned them later :)  ). I include the coordination that we followed in GPS as well.

"Children Playing Basketball" Mural 5.413792,100.340543

I suppose these kind of tourist attraction will always be business opportunities. There are several merchandises marketed based on these mural paintings, from notebooks to T-shirts. I got some for myself since I love collecting books very much ~  It was told that the revenues generating from these merchandises are for charity purposes. 

 "Brother & Sister on a Swing" Mural 5.413941,100.340720

This is just across the street of that basketball mural. Next to it I suspect it should be the factory for the notebooks production. The quote on the door is saying "Shop not close as not able to sleep" and the right quote says "Shop not open as overslept". Well, I don't really get that metaphors but its fun =w= .

Other than mural and paintings, we seek for the Penang heritage steel sculptures around the area as well. 
Each comes with a story or background of the street or nearby places.

 "Property" Sculpture 5.414593,100.340382

"Yeoh Only" Sculpture 5.415316,100.339758
 "Double Role" Sculpture 5.415421,100.339696

"Duck" Sculpture 5.416406,100.340825
 "Untrained Parakeet" Sculpture 5.417824,100.339851
 "Gedung Rumput" Sculpture 5.418064,100.339079

 "Tok Tok Mee" Sculpture 5.418219,100.338838

 "Temple Day" Sculpture 5.418470,100.338328

Sometimes its kinda hard to capture the whole picture because there are cars parking in front of it. Sad indeed.

 "Mahjong Bird" Sculpture 5.418857,100.338186

One special feature of Penang is the amazing heritage buildings they have. I really appreciate penang government's effort in maintaining them instead of getting rid when its old. I didnt really notice on the street name for this building below ( well.. I tends to easily get lost even with GPS), but there's a nice restaurant here. I suppose its a chinese restaurant. 

Just across the building, there is this glass art pinned to the wall . The work is amazing, sadly not many people notice this. 

 "Beca" aka "Trishaw Paddler" Sculpture 5.419138,100.337665

 "Narrowest Five Foot Way" Sculpture 5.419426,100.337067

 "One Leg Kicks All" Sculpture 5.419682,100.336751

 "Little Girl in Blue" Mural 5.419752,100.335774

This is one of my favourite mural painting. Its real huge. 

 "Cheating Husband" Sculpture 5.418555,100.336477

 "Budget Hotels" Sculpture 5.418473,100.336263

"High Counter" Sculpture 5.418219,100.336252

 "Ting Ting Thong" Sculpture 5.417632,100.336906

"The Main Street" Sculpture 5.417025,100.338027

 "Procession" Sculpture 5.415341,100.337400

 "Reaching Up" Mural 5.414790,100.336488

"Cannon Hole" Sculpture 5.414724,100.336472

"This Old Man" Mural 5.415399,100.337207


This paintings had wore off. Another sad case of mural paint. 

"Too Narrow" Sculpture 5.415324,100.337555

In the search for the main arts on hand, we came across a few adorable kittens/cats mural paintings as well. I was curious in the first place, but since we all love cats, might just snap it down. Later only I found out that its a project known as "101 Lost Kittens" project. There are total 12 cat mural paintings around Georgetown. I was only able to snap 3 and one in process.

"I Can Help Catch Rats"

"Little Children on a Bicycle" Mural 5.414684,100.338237

"Skippy, The Giant Cat"

I am not sure about this since its not listed from the page I seek for, but its similar to 2 of the arts found in there. 

"Cats and Human Living Together" on-going

That should be the artists =w=.

"Boy on a Bike" Mural 5.415351,100.338891
"Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" Mural 5.415410,100.338832
The painting starting to wear off too..... 

Our journey ends here while we had to walk back to Chew Jetty from here. The distance among all the arts are quite nearby. Overall we spent around 2 hours for the whole trip. Fun, but if you asked whether I am going again, I will really hesitate. Though its lucky for us that day as its slightly cloudy, else I might regret walking. There are also places to rent bicycle, though I think its more dangerous than walking, but would be a better and more comfortable way. Do sure visit all the arts when visit Penang, its a no-missed experience for all~ 


  1. They- They are beautiful! All of them! (QuQ)

    1. Hi, thanks. They are really awesome. If you do visit Penang, please do look for them in Georgetown area~