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Sunday, 11 August 2013

【Sneak Peek】Air Gear Agito ~ Vocaloid Sandplay Akita Neru ~ Zone-00 Ruiko ~ Tonari Shizuku

It's been busy month  since July, as I am going back to my hometown end of this month [/sob ] (I'll miss everybody here in Penang T^T.  I didn't bother to do update my blog recently when everything just stuff on to me, busy sewing busy working busy cleaning... 

Well, as usual, I was always into the last minute work... = = and the Agito x Akito shoot.. I was not able to finish up the bunny doll T3T//// I was grateful that Fuyu isn't much concern about it, as we already planned this for more than a year. 

Akito @ Fuyu
Agito @ Maro Ch

photo thx Lee Mazaki
special thx my mate

This version is from manga volume 16 cover. I always live this but it was hard that time to find fans of Air Gear around here. I am glad that Fuyu did agreed to do this with me ~ this was at around end of July, if I am not mistaken its the last weekend of July. 

Early this August, there is this Mini CF event held in Penang which they invited King x Mon as the guest cosplayers to the event here. I didn't get the chance to take photos with them since was rushing for Vocaloid Sandplay of the Singing Dragon photoshoot that evening. 

This was taken at the 2nd day of the event in Gurney Paragon Mall. 

photo thx Nero Vi Kazama

It was actually an embarassment that I mistaken this doujin version as Lily... in fact I only found it out the next day after the photoshoot and event that this is a doujin version of Akita Neru ( I found the blog post of the original illustrator ). Lily is another version which I do not fancy at all...... = = Somehow.. I was not the only one that mistaken this..... as there are people mixing up these two blond character... and I was regretful not to find out the original illustrator in the first place... Its quite a humiliation actually.... but it happened... gosh... and I wish time can just go back (/draw circle on floor)

Just last Friday we finished up this dream cos of Zone-00 witches group. It was a pity that our Sara couldn't make it T3T.

             West Witch @ Akihiko Michaelis
North Witch @ Maro Ch
             East Witch @ Molly Eberwein

photo thx Lee Mazaki
edit thx Molly

My favourite character for this manga would be Benten -sama///// (nosebleed die
I was glad that Ruiko is my first Zone00 character.. and not benten-sama///(ya.. I have a plan of him..........
The favourite is always the most struggling to handle..... I would regret to death if I don't do him well..... 


Last cosplay in Penang ( I suppose....) is Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-san ~ I was glad that Shiori invited me for this photoshoot. Her Haru is just so kakkoi/////// 

Yoshida Haru @ Shiori Itou
Mizutani Shizuku @ Maro Ch

(yeah.. this is just trolls....)

I was a lazy bump... I think... have to thank Weiqi for lending me Nagoya and also Shizuku skirt... as I was too lazy to start working with the skirt... (I think I mentioned before in pleated skirt tutorial that I wanted to post up a one-side pleated skirt which I will be making for Shizuku) well.. I didnt make it.... so... no tutorials... T3T.... as I was planning to use Haru's pants as sample and try to find similar cloth color and also ribbons that match Haru's pants.... but eventually.. I can't get the right color of military green ending up getting some not-very-black black high-graded uniform cloth (expensive...... ). I cant seems to get the mood on to make the skirt because of the color difference.. and hence borrow the skirt from Weiqi..... well.. ya... lazybump... =3=

Although there are a few more plans with the Penang gang here, but this is my limit already... I won't be doing any cosplay until I go home ..... I have to start packing .... Will miss Penang alot when I am back home... Penang is a awesome place~~ I think I will come up often too =3= who knows  

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