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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

【Tutorial】Wig Dyeing Tutorial with Marker Ink and Fabric Dye

Wig dyeing is always a big problem, especially when cant get the perfect color of wig. In the end I try to dye the wig to get the closest color I can. Rather than a tutorial, this is more likely a review of how I dye two of my wigs. I would say that its not a very good method, and the texture later differs from how it usual be, however, the colour is perfect somehow.


The first wig I tried to dye is Miki's from Secret Time After School. Its like pale pinkish orange kind of color, which I cant find any that time from taobao shop (Now, they have similar color though = =, right after I finish my photoshoot.....). I tried to dye a light pink wig into the color using a Orange Fabric Paint. Below here I compared the target color and the results of the dyed-wig.

The type of fabric dye I used

The light pink wig is the same I used for Love Ward Luka (below):

The pink color is slightly lighter than the picture here. I dilute the dye with water and just paint on the wig with big brushes, layer by layer. The degree of the color depends on the dilution, had done of a bit of trial and error with lower parts of the wig. I directly blew dried the wig after applying the color and washed once with conditioner, dry with blower again and iron it. The color is much closer to the original photos than any of the commercial orange wig I can find THAT TIME . ( I am kinda  down when they come out with Miki's wig as similar as this only AFTER I had my photoshoot. Still, I think my antenna is much better looking than the commercial wig =w=, and yes am satisfied. )
FAQ that people ask about wig dying:

(i) Does the color stays?
-Yes, it stays even I washed with conditioner. BUT, it stained my costume, a little bit, I found orange stains at the collars and also edge of the sleeves, still acceptable.

(ii) How is the texture?
-Well, its rough and easily tangled. A little fussy, since I tried to smoothen with the wig spray which did not worked at all, I tried with hair treatment oil, not working as well. If you are able to make the wig smooth enough, then this would be a perfect method to dye wig.



The next wig I tried to dye is Science Girl Miku Wig. This time, its my unreasonable weird persistent that drive me to this. I thought I was late for ordering from taobao, which was not, and badly wanted a dark blue wig to pin up ponytail for Miku. Later, when I looked back at the character design, its not dark blue, but a cobalt blue wig, which I again cant find the color for pony tail on taobao.

 A few ideas actually popup in my mind:

(i) Acrylic paint ----> failed -- I dilute cobalt blue acrylic with water and soak overnight, not working, wither because I used a pale blue wig or because it just don't stay.

(ii) Semi-permanent hair dye conditioner --> failed -- its the Directions dye I am using here which I used for my real hair. Apparently it don't stay on wig or just that the wig color is not pale enough?

(iii) Marker ink --> well this is the one that seems to be most fitting that time.

I wet the wig first, smeared a bit of ink on my fingers and brush it through the wig, bits by bits, layer by layer. Blow-dried it after brushing the ink through all parts. Must make sure the wig and fingers are wet, else the ink will stain fingers instead of the wig. It took quite some time to finish the whole thing, 2-hours per pony tail since I separate the day dying them. Do everything once again if the color tone is not dark enough. I repeated twice for both pony tails. Iron the ponytail at last.

Left- original color (slightly greener than this)
Right -  Dyed color

Left- dyed color
Right- well this is how it looks like originally

Type of Marker ink i used, whiteboard marker

The same miku wig I used for Cheerful 39 Miku, its kinda messy that time when I want to dye it. So I washed the wigs with conditioner first, blown dry and detangled the wig before I dye it. Since its whiteboard marker that I am using here (I cant seems to find permanent marker ink nearby here), I cant wash it after that.

FAQ that people ask about wig dying:

(i) Does the color stays?
- I am not sure, but I think no.. It should be able to washed with shampoo, because its whiteboard marker ink. It stained when brush through the wig with fingers, and a bit on Miku's lab coat.

(ii) How is the texture?
- Much better than the fabric dye method, still smooth but fuzzy though, cant seems to settle the top part of the ponytail which makes it look a bit messy there (or its me that do not know how to handle it). 

P/S: Don't ever ever ever mix marker ink with Rubbing alcohol... it don't mix.. it will accumulate... I tried... and I am stupid to try with half the bottles of ink... OTL...


That's at least the methods I had tried before, will upload more if I have the chance to try. I heard that Rit Dye works well, but I can't seems to find them in Malaysia. Might give it a try if I can buy it somewhere. Lastly, do feel free to ask questions if there is any doubt :). 

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