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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

【Tutorial】Simple tutorial for pleated skirt

Its been ages since I last posted something. I've been working for my thesis for the past months, and now finally finished up the 1st draft for it~ 

I have the time finally to fill up what's left out for the past months. 

Now, since I made the pleated skirt for Project Diva F Science Girl Miku, I might as just write a tutorial for this. Pleated skirt is quite commonly in a lot of characters, any highschool uniforms, and quite a range of female characters. The procedure is quite simple, I took around 3 hours to complete the whole skirt. 

How the end product looks like. It would be better if I iron it more thoroughly : )


~Simple Steps of Making Pleated Skirt~

Step 1: The cloth. 

I use some left-over from my Alice dress. Its around 150cmx 60cm

Step 2:  Cut your cloth

Measurement taken from you waist until middle of the thigh. Mine is around 35cm including allowance for seaming.

The whole lenght for the skirt I used around 150cm(standard width of the cloth, 60 inch) + an extra
85cm, total around 2meters and 35cm.

Step 3: Fold the ends

You can either seam it or I personally prefer to fold it.

Step 4: The pleats.

Each pleat is about 2 inch/5cm thick. Depends on your own preference. I think 4cm would be better....

Pleat and iron at the same time and pin at the top of the cloth to hold it.
Bottom pleat is 1.5cm each sides, as shown in the pic below. 

For better look, its recommended to do 2.5cm bottom pleat. Since I would like to save cloth, i used slightly shorted bottom pleat.

Step 5: Join the cloths. 

Just sew the two pieces together. 

Overall lenght I got from the 2m35cm cloth is around 90cm of the whole pleats. 

Step 6: Waist band

Cut two piece of rectangle shape, snips the ends off as shown below.

Measurements: 14cm x waist/2 . 

Sew them together. 

Fold it in half and iron it.

Fold in the ends and iron, to keep the loose ends in.

Step 7: Join the waist band to the pleats.

First, sew a line through the top of the pleats (where the pins are) to fix the pleats.

Insert the pleats in the middle of the waist bands, pin them.

You'll get something like this in the end.

Before sewing it, join the ends of the of the pleats, leaving at least 5cm space. Important, because the hips might not fit in if there is not space left. you can choose to put zips here.  

Any extras of the pleats, just fold and tuck it in at the end of the waist band. Sew the waist band on. Put on a button / buckle. ITS DONE!


Although I would like to put how it looks like in the real photoshoot... somehow.... I didn't get proper full body shoot....... 

Of course, there are other pleats pattern. You can try to pleat all in the same direction. Just the middle with double pleat and sides are all in opposite directions. 

Next project I am going to do on Tonari no Kaibutsu-san, Shijuki's school uniform. I will do the single side pleat skirt instead. Will upload the progress after I finish it. =w=

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