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Thursday, 1 November 2012

【Food】Eat all you can : SUKI-YA @ Paradigm Mall

Last weekend, when I went back to KL, my mate brought me to this Suki-Ya, eat all you can sukuyaki and shabu shabu. That was my first time having sukiyaki (well, the japanese style) , its a lot like our steamboat here in Malaysia. There is two outlet of Suki-Ya, one in Pavillion mall in Bukit Bintang area, another outlet,which is also the one that I went to, is in the newly established Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya. 

Like stated up there, its eat-all-you-can type of buffet sukiyaki & shabu shabu. The design of the shop were quite japan-ish, reminds me of Jogoya in Star Gallery. ^^

There are mainly four types of soup, kimchi, miso, shabu shabu and sukiyaki. We chose kimchi and miso, which I think would taste the best among the four. There is 3 choices of meat, chicken, beef and mutton, which will be served and refillable. Others are on the free-flow table.

One of the best thing here, is the variety choices of mushrooms. At least, this was the first hot pot I experienced that served all kinds of mushroom. ( Mushrooms are very expensive !). Quite some variety of sauces available as well, but i still thick that it lacked of the sweet sauce. It would taste better with that =3=. 

Well, its around RM30++ per person for two hours ( this is lunch time). Quite worth it, when for the past two hours, all we could think is to finish up the 6 plates of meat... we were served 3 plates of chicken and mutton each ( I don't eat beef), which I find it being very bored at the last plate. Well, I am not a huge-eater, so its more than enough for me. For people that would eat as much as they served, its free flow anyway, just ask for more ^^. Ya, default drinks is green tea, hot or cold. Other beverages will be charged separately.

The last menu would be the ice-cream. There are 3 flavours, the rice-cracker, green tea and chocolate. I tried to make a cone ice-cream with the rice-cracker flavour, well it turns out to be like that  .. Some saloon logo XDDD. It tasted alot like Goodday chocolate milk flavour. 

As for the green tea, its was nice for the first bite, and tasted OMG bitter-ish... Well, at least I tried my best to eat the most I can, still leaving half of it.... pity and sad, and I though all green-based food were going to taste nice, it overthrown my belief all these while :( 

Overall, rated 4 star  for Suki-Ya @ Paradigm mall : nice food, nice place, reasonable price, nice servant ( good attitude and fast service ), a little bit more to keep up on the dessert. 

Google for Suki-Ya @ Paradigm mall for more of their information~ 

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