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Monday, 6 August 2012

【COS】Prologue: Beautiful Insanity ~~ Alice: Madness Returns

I was trap... 


"What have you done?"

..... in my past

"Alice.......Now, focus. Where are you?"

"Come now, Alice, its just a dream."

Doctor's voice.....It's disturbing me...


Who's there?



My wonderland's shattered...



...Is it mad to pray for a better hallucination?..

"Alice..... "

"What have you done.....?"

" It's time to put your blade to work.."


Alice Liddell @ Maro Ch

photo thx Sam
special thx Molly Eberwein & Kaien Yuu

Finally, after 3 months of dragging, I had finished up Alice.. Well, it didn't went as what I had planned initially though. There are still a few shots that was not suitable to be included in here, might post it in DA instead.

Basically, I was thinking of doing the gloomy hazy edits like the first few photos. It went wild later on, when I started doing Alice in the red jungle edits, with Molly's advise "make the leaves all red" and it happened. I was struggling in between the two color tones, to be reddish or greenish.. and in the end this is the results--- a mixture of both, which definitely a product of desperation. I had been piling up all the other photoshoots which I had no idea why am I having the stubborn persistent of getting Alice done before I start doing others... I tried to mix both together.. although still awkward, but at least its the christmas perfect match, still looks good right? (*trying to hypnotize myself away from the dilenma*)

Back to Alice. Previously, I was very keen of American Mcgee's Alice, the earlier version of the Alice game. Hence, I was very excited when the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns came out, get into addiction for a few weeks, and lost connection with it again after school started. I wasn't yet through with the whole game, left it after Chapter One ended, was yet to resume the game until I get a new PC that could support it. I was very fond of the background settings of the game,  19th century's London city, the same background as Sherlock Holmes. My impression for London at that time is hazy, gloomy, greyish city, painted with mysteries that lied under the norms. And obviously, the londonair Alice is in my cosplan *v*. I do believe that every girls that read, will once thought of becoming Alice. It was one of my to-be-dream character, either our dear disney Alice or any Alices out there. This Alice however, strikes my preference the most. Insanity is always hidden under the conscious of all people, a reflection of the reality stresses that was beyond the threshold. Its good to be insane sometimes, as it maintains sanity's balance, stopping things from going too wild.

I wasn't planning anything much when I start doing this shoot. It was randomly arranged, with whatever that we could think of ( thanks to Molly and Yuu for saikang-ing for me). Later on, I was struggling in giving out just random pose of Alice, hence I tried to fit captions for it. I picked out a few lines from all the game teasers and trailers. Well, although not to much as what I imagined it to be, at least it still makes sense..... perhaps... To clear out some confusion, the captions were in Alice perspective.

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