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Monday, 9 July 2012

【FOOD】Charlie Brown Cafe

Past two weeks, I finally got the chance to dine in Charlie Brown's Cafe for the very first time. Charlie Brown's Cafe is a theme coffee shop of Charlie Brown's comic, which we normally known  as Snoopy. I always wanted to try in that shop whenever I pass by it. It is located in Marina Mall, Straits Quay, 1st floor, at the very end of right hand side of the buildings ( not sure if its North or South Wing...) . (Penang, Malaysia)

I was surprised that it was quite empty at that time when we were there, around 6pm in the evening, it should either be time for high tea or dinner. Kind of at doubt to had my dinner there in the first place, but I still gave it a try, since it might be the first and last I'll ever dine in this shop.

Basically, the decoration and atmosphere of the shop were fine, delicate and sweet with Charlie Brown's and the friends and also snoopy decoration. I especially like those bronze doll a lot. First thing that I was not satisfy with is the menu. Well, it was a well-decorated shop, hence, I find the Menu to be not up to the standard, a PVC folder with self-printed kind of list. It was not that attractive and looks inappropriate somehow.


I had Mocha and Hawaiian pizza, while my mate had Hot Chocolate and Woodstock Black pepper chicken chop.


Food wise I would say, so so. My Hawaiian pizza was a disaster somehow, its either me or it really tasted bad. It was slices of ham with pineapple and mushroom in between two pieces of , hmm.. not pita bread, but something similar, more like not so cruchy crust. I was not sure what's wrong with that meal, but to me, the combination of that ingredients should never name as Hawaiian pizza...(= =). The chicken chop, well... there should not be anyway to make it taste bad anyway. The black pepper sauce was good, woodstock did not look really like woodstock, but tasted quite ok. I personally like the wedges a lot. Coffee was not up to my standard though, too sweet and was not aromatic enough, kind of like 3 in 1 coffee mix (= =). Hot chocolate, well.. I shouldn't judge by my own perspective for this, since, there was only once I ever tasted hot chocolate that meet my expectation, hence, no comment (=3=) [yesidunliekit]. 

The light on the ceiling
Overview of the ceiling

The good thing about the dishes were the decoration. The hot drinks especially, with the latte art of selective Charlie Brown's character, it made the drinks taste better. Mine with Snoopy on it while my mate with Woodstock on it.  

Service wise, well, quite ok. Except the fact that I do not like the way they want us to pay ahead at the counter by ourselves then only serve us with the meals (=3=). I know normally, this is suppose to be the way for a caffe but.. this is Malaysia duh.....(lol... this is very personal XDDDD). Price wise, hmm.. yes, expensive, but since people nowadays do start to treat Starbucks like personal coffee maker, so it shouldn't be a burden though.

They had one souvenirs shop though, with quite some Charlie Brown's merchandises. Well, I suppose they should be genuine. Might get something for my sis for her coming birthday... hmm...
and... the tumbler here is cheaper than Starbucks'.... =3=. Quality or not, well that is something else to be investigated.

Conclusion, nice shop with nice deco, but not so nice food. It was quite comfortable if its for the sake of celebrating something, but not for having nice food. 

How I wish I could have this set of Chess T^T
For those that wish to visit this shop, well, my suggestion would be to choose the most safest food, like chicken chop or fish and chips that will never taste bad and Happy Dining there~~  

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