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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

【Music】Olivia Ong's Valentine's Concert "Are U Ready For Love?"

Last Saturday, 12022012 was a memorable day. If I would describe it with a color, that would be a pink day.

Olivia is always one of high ranking singer that I favor a lot. She has a voice that is soft yet powerful, beautiful and skillful, like that of what people, or I would imagine, an angel's voice. Her song's are always ear soothing, as breeze from the sea, like sunlight in the morning. 

This is the second concert I actually went. The first was in last year, Khalil Fong "Timeless" in Genting. Basically, both the concert are superb to the extend that the songs were as if they are out from the record. Olivia's voice has the kind of magical attractants that drags people into her world of music. This is the first time I actually heard a voice performance that is flawless, with every notes and tune to the perfect realm.

I especially love the performance of  "STEM". Songs in Olivia's album mostly brought out her sweet,soft and soothing voice. "STEM" however is the first time I heard power from her voice. "STEM" is originally written and sang by Shiina Ringo, a japanese song-writer and singer. The full name of the song is 莖(STEM)~大名遊び編~ Stem(STEM) At Play With a Feudal Lord ~, which was translated into English by Robbie Clark. I got the link below from youtube, hope that I could share my fascination of the song, it's a pity Olivia's version is not yet in the market, I like the way she portraits the song.

This is the Japanese version. Uploaded by SakaseteAgetaiNo (I do not own the video). 

Throughout 2 hours of the performance, I saw different sides of Olivia that is not shown in her songs in the albums. Kinda cute, a bit blurry, straighforward, a little bit crazy and sincere. That's what best of live concert, a better approach to the artist in live. 

The rubber bracelet was a present from Olivia to every fans that attend her concert. She phrase that as "It's all united together!!" (fans and her), as we shared something common among fans and Olivia.

Its very romantic in the end when Olivia ends her concert with "Let It Rain". I think this is a very good selection of song for her concert especially when the theme of the concert is on Valentine's Day. It soften the whole atmosphere and very romantically, most of the audience started to release the love balloons tied on the chairs, which catalysed the stage to a pinkish moment. But I kept mine though XDDD. Kinda regret not letting the balloon go =3=...

Songs that sang by Olivia in the concert:

A Love Theme
I Can't Go For That
Ready For Love
You & Me
Invisible Wings
STEM (by Shiina Ringo)
天涯歌女 (周旋)
I Start A Joke (BeeGees)
Unchained Melody
浮躁+妹妹晚安+惡夢+生活+我只在乎你+恰似你的溫柔 (A combo dessert from Olivia)
Back To Life
Let It Rain

Since I don't have a choice, but to celebrate Valentine's earlier, I was brought to Delicious at Dua Residence. The restaurant is awesomely beautiful with lots of white bird cage and withered white trees. Very suitable for photoshooting, if they allowed us to XDD.

Price is considered above average, but quite worth it, since they taste really nice.

Upper corner is Cornish Duck Spaghetti, white lower is Spicy Fettuccine Spaghetti 

ButterScotch Milkshake and Ice Lemon Tea

Lastly desert Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Mostly they taste awesome~ The desert taste nice, sweet and sour, but abit bored in the end. Still with the Vanilla ice cream, they taste perfect.
Since today is Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day~~~~

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