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Sunday, 1 January 2012

【COS】Thx 2011 + Vocaloid ONLY event

Finally finalized my cos on 2011~~ 2011 is the most memorable year of my life, met a lot of people, fulfilled a lot of dreams. Thanks to all of you that make this happen~ Cheers~~

Yesterday was Malaysia's first ONLY event, Vocaloid Only held by LGCC in Penang Timesquare. Although the event was not a very grand event, but I do enjoyed it a lot. Picked one of my favourite event photos here~

Kaito @ Molly Eberwein
Rin @ Maro 
photo thx Akihiko Michaelis

Rin @ Maro
photo thx Shng Sam

Wish everyone Happy 2012!!! 
May your dreams be achieve before end of world~~

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